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On July 8, Liu Ning, Secretary of the Party committee of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Plant of CSR group, and Wang Jianguo, Secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Jiaotong University, jointly signed an agreement in Zhuzhou to jointly prepare for the establishment of the electric traction drive engineering research center of the Ministry of education and the graduate training base of Beijing Jiaotong University

Beijing Jiaotong University is a Chinese higher education institution with a hundred years of history and important academic influence. It is one of the universities that have entered the national 211 construction. Over the past century, after generations of hard work and hard work, Beijing Jiaotong University has become an important base for high-level and high-level talent training and major technology and policy research topics in China's railway modernization

CSR Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory is a research and production base for drying transportation traction equipment before filling, which has a history of nearly 70 years and is known as the "capital of electric locomotives in China". Since it produced the first green traction power electric locomotive for China's railway trunk line in 1958, it has adhered to the combination of independent development and the introduction, digestion and absorption of international advanced technology. It has produced more than 3500 main line electric locomotives for China's railway transportation, such as fast passenger transport, passenger and freight dual-use, heavy haul freight and so on. The domestic electric locomotive market share has exceeded 70, and the market is often clean inside and outside There are the following types of highly active sans without corrosion (as shown in Table 1)%. In recent years, Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive factory has creatively promoted the technological innovation of the enterprise, cooperated closely with scientific research institutes and colleges and universities, and relied on the advantage of having academicians of the Chinese Academy of engineering to establish an enterprise postdoctoral scientific research workstation, pursued the combination of industry, University and research to the greatest extent, introduced and absorbed advanced production and development technology, and achieved remarkable economic benefits

the person in charge of Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Factory said that the link of talents connects famous schools and enterprises. Taking the advantages of talents, scientific research and innovation of colleges and universities, as well as the marketization and industrialization of enterprises, through strong cooperation and complementary advantages, jointly build the electric traction drive engineering research center of the Ministry of education, commit to the localization of key technologies of high-power traction motor drive control, and jointly build a joint postgraduate training base and internship base, It is a "win-win" move

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