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Research and Analysis on the competition in China's packaging machinery industry in 2012

packaging machine 7. All accessories on the experimental machine (such as jaws, pressing heads with reasonable structure and function design, pendulum, etc.) have been used when not in use. The maximum force accepted by these fixtures must be equal to the maximum actual force of the host, and become one of the top ten industries in China's machinery industry. China's food packaging machinery and equipment are not only on a large scale, but also accelerating to optical, electromechanical integration and automation. Great progress has been made in filling equipment, packaging equipment, packaging material production equipment, etc. However, the export volume of China's packaging machinery is less than 5% of the total output value, while the import volume is roughly equivalent to the total output value. This shows that there is a large gap in the demand for packaging machinery in China. Compared with foreign products, domestic packaging machinery still has a large gap in scientific and technological level, which is far from meeting domestic demand

with the rapid development of packaging machinery, the fierce competition in the market can be imagined. Only by constantly trying to turn the shortcomings of others into their own advantages, can enterprises survive in the cracks, so that they will not be eliminated in the fierce competition and steadily improve their market position

no matter from innovation or anything else, an equipment is all about improving equipment quality, creating greater benefits, and more production value. This includes the safety of packaging machinery. The situation is grim in this regard. The reason for this is not only the management problems of the enterprise itself, but also the insufficient state management and social constraints on this industry. The deep-seated problems and factors revealed from this superficial phenomenon are also worth pondering and paying attention to by the relevant departments. For example, in terms of industry management, the enterprises engaged in food plastic packaging have not been included in the scope of food industry health management, resulting in the production of plastic materials for food packaging by these enterprises, which is equivalent to the production of products for industrial, agricultural and other purposes, and there are no provisions and controls in terms of health and safety, such as the production environment, personnel health, the selection of raw materials, production process control There are no special or specific requirements for product inspection and testing methods, and the safety and health are out of control

on the other hand, packaging machinery pursues the integration of packaging and processing. Many new packaging technologies are based on new packaging thinking. The new thinking of packaging means to go beyond the existing packaging technology and products, and apply the combination of other related technologies to packaging to form a new packaging technology, including packaging cutting and molding technology, packaging curing technology, packaging function protection technology, packaging and processing combination technology, and packaging function borrowing technology. In addition to the above mentioned, there should be other technologies, such as the packaging technology of fresh goods. In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, some technologies in the packaging process have also changed. For example, the emergence of self drying stretch wrapping film makes the wrapping, shrinking, binding and other processes integrated, and the operation can be simplified and fast. This integration of packaging and processing solves many processing processes, directly borrows the packaging mechanism, realizes the integration of packaging and processing, and makes packaging more potential and effective

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