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Plastic packaging plays an important role in sustainable development

recently, at the "Symposium on plastics and sustainable development" hosted by the plastics Affairs Committee of the International Association of chemical manufacturers, Mr. mcgormay, a representative from the European Plastics Association, elaborated on the important role of plastic packaging in sustainable development

in his speech, Mr. mcgormay first analyzed the plastic packaging market in the European Union. In 2000, the total packaging market in the EU was 72.5 million tons. Plastic accounted for an average of 18% of European packaging materials, and 50% of them were used for packaging goods, weighing about 13.2 million tons

in the 10 years from 1995 to 2005, plastic packaging has developed towards the trend of reducing raw materials and saving weight, and plastic packaging is more alternative to traditional packaging, which is also easy to cause small piston damage and oil leakage. This is the development trend of product packaging in these 10 years. The investigation of the weight of plastic packaging in the past 10 years shows that the average weight is reduced by 28%, which is equivalent to saving 2.25 million tons of plastic

of course, the reduction of plastic packaging materials should be achieved through continuous innovation. Taking Germany as an example, the data in 1991 showed that if there was no innovation, the consumption of plastic packaging in terms of talent management mechanism in theory would be 1.46 million tons; Through innovation, the actual consumption of plastic packaging in 2000 was 1.16 million tons at booth l42 in 5A hall, saving 300000 tons of plastic packaging for Germany. Based on this calculation, if the same innovation is applied throughout Europe, 4million tons of plastic packaging will be saved from 1990

according to the research of GVM in 2004, if traditional materials are used instead of plastic materials to make packaging, the weight of packaging will increase by 4 times, the volume of packaging in household waste will increase by 60%, energy consumption will increase by 50%, greenhouse gas emissions will double, and the cost will almost double

finally, Mr. mcgormay concluded that plastic packaging must become a key contributor to sustainable development if economic factors, resource optimization, energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction are taken into account, and the benefits to society in transporting and protecting goods and food and convenience are recognized

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was born in the UK and received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Ashton, Birmingham. He once worked in the British Rubber and Plastics Research Institute (Rapra) in polymer analysis, and has more than 10 years of experience in plastic packaging in the British metal box company (now crown company). Since 1989, he has joined Bassel and is responsible for technology, project and business management in Italy, Belgium and the UK respectively. Since 1999, he has been responsible for the plastic and environmental affairs, incident management and care of Basel Europe. Mr. mcgormay has been active in the affairs of the European Plastics Association

source: China Packaging News

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