The hottest plastic pharmaceutical bottle industry

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The plastic pharmaceutical bottle industry should develop in the direction of reducibility

according to the "analysis report on in-depth investigation and investment strategic planning of China's pharmaceutical products industry in" released by Shangpu consulting, some countries focus on developing ceramic materials for ultra-thin liquid crystal glass substrates, high-purity ultra-fine aluminum oxide powder and transparent ceramics, silicon carbide bulletproof ceramics, silicon carbide honeycomb ceramics, high-purity silicon nitride powder, high-purity aluminum nitride powder The advantages of special ceramics, composite materials, solar tiles and other functional or composite ceramic products in producing medical plastic products are gradually decreasing, and the export products are still dominated by low-end products, while the R & D and production of plastic medical bottles with large demand in the market for better use, material production and market expansion still need to be strengthened

at present, in foreign countries, plastics can be completely decomposed into low molecular compounds under the action of microorganisms. It is characterized by convenient storage and transportation. As long as it is kept dry, it does not need to be protected from light, and has a wide range of applications. It can be used not only in agricultural mulching films and packaging bags, but also in the field of medicine. With the development of modern biotechnology, more and more attention has been paid to biodegradable plastics, which has become a new generation of research and development hotspot

it is reported that the new biodegradable packaging will automatically decompose into water, carbon dioxide, inorganic salts and biomass energy after special processing. In addition to drugs, the packaging container can also contain face cream, gel, shampoo, mouthwash and other substances. The application of this kind of degradable packaging in the pharmaceutical industry will promote the better development of the industry

medical bottles are one of the largest medical plastic products in terms of production and sales. With the rapid development of the domestic medical industry, the consumption of domestic medical bottles will show a substantial increase. In this regard, domestic hollow equipment manufacturers should take this opportunity to grasp the development trend of plastic medicine bottles, develop new efficient and high-performance medicine bottle molding equipment, and strive to shorten the gap between China's conventional extruders and production lines and international advanced technology and equipment

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