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Nokia and zain in Saudi Arabia launched a 4.9g trial

using 5g ready 2.6 GHz massive MIMO active antenna to improve capacity and customer experience

the trial will provide 700mbps+ single user transmission rate to support users to enjoy zero buffer extreme speed broadband applications

the trial uses Nokia 5g ready 2.6 GHz airscale massive MIMO active antenna, It can ensure the coexistence of 5g and LTE in the same hardware

this test is the first in Saudi Arabia, demonstrating zain's leading position in technology

kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh Nokia announced to work with zain KSA to carry out a massive MIMO test in the 2.6 GHz TD-LTE network in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Both parties will complete the 4.9g call test through Nokia 5g ready airscale massive MIMO antenna to improve the network capacity and realize the 700mbps+ single user transmission rate, so as to support users to enjoy zero buffer high-speed broadband applications

after the completion of the test, zain will actually deploy 5g ready equipment to meet the growing demand for UWB services. On this basis, zain will be able to increase revenue by delivering innovative services and products to users

massive MIMO can help operators greatly increase network capacity, especially in densely populated urban environments. Because of its high sensor accuracy (some up to 3 in 100000), it has also opened up the possibility to test the friction coefficient. The friction coefficient test takes aluminum based new materials as the target instrument. Massive MIMO adopts 64 engines and 64 receivers (64t64r). Compared with hot-rolled steel plate, the throughput can reach unprecedented Gigabit, which can support users to use new use cases such as augmented reality and virtual reality. Nokia 5g ready massive MIMO antenna will promote the transition to 5g and ensure the coexistence of 5g and LTE in the 2.6 GHz band, so as to improve network capacity, expand coverage and significantly improve uplink and downlink transmission rates

Eng. Sultan Abdulaziz aldeghaither, CEO of zain in Saudi Arabia, said: this test is an important milestone on our 5g development path. By deploying massive MIMO, we will be able to meet the changing needs of customers. Even if multiple applications with high bandwidth requirements are run at the same time, customers can also get the best experience with an upper plane finish of △ 6. Nokia is our long-term partner with excellent expertise, which will certainly help us deliver innovative use cases for personal and corporate customers

Ali jitawi, head of Nokia's Saudi zain customer team, said: we are very excited and proud to carry out this test with zain. After the completion of the experiment, zain will be able to launch user satisfied high-speed broadband in the actual deployment later, and increase revenue by providing new services to users

list of solutions used in the test:

Nokia airscale active antenna is compact and easy to deploy, suitable for small base stations densely distributed in urban areas

Nokia professional services is used to assist in planning and system integration, which can ensure the smooth implementation of the test

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