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Nokia was selected as the 5g network supplier of Taiwan star

initially, 5g networks of non independent groups will be deployed in 126 regions

8.8 the appearance of plated parts should be irrefutable. Taiwan star will deploy multiple Nokia Software at the same time, including netact, smart plan suite and subscriber data management software

Nokia recently announced that it has signed a new 5g contract with Taiwan star. According to the content of the contract, Nokia, as the only supplier of this transaction, will provide Taiwan star with an end-to-end airscale wireless access product portfolio, help operators launch 5g non independent group (SA), and lay a good foundation for the future 5g independent group (SA)

the LTE network previously deployed by Nokia for Taiwan star will now be transferred to 5g services through Nokia's airscale BTS and airscale wireless access solutions, providing excellent coverage and capacity for end users. Nokia airscale large-scale MIMO antenna solution will also provide comprehensive coverage. Nokia global services will use digital and automated services to provide technical support for deployment, network design and optimization, as well as the combination of software and hardware. Nokia's end-to-end 5g solution will ensure that Taiwan star can be easily and quickly transferred and deployed to meet its operational needs

Taiwan star has recently achieved 40 MHz bandwidth and has begun the initial stage of network deployment. The initial deployment will cover 126 boutique shopping districts and the surrounding areas of department stores, which is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year, and will cover 80% of Taiwan's urban core areas by 2023

this cooperation also includes many nokia software products. Nokia's netact mobile network management system will provide first-class troubleshooting. The new 3D sprint 2.5 provides breakthrough productivity, system management, software management and configuration management. Nokia's smart plan suite is a cloud solution designed for 5g and IOT needs. It provides policy control, integrated billing functions, and innovative digital services, enabling it to respond nimbly and flexibly to changing market demands. In addition, Taiwan star will also deploy an important telecom network function of Nokia - user data management software (SDM). It is worth mentioning that with the advent of 5g and the development of Cloud Architecture, it is particularly important to effectively manage all user data and services to ensure the profitability of operators

Lai Xianwu, general manager of Taiwan star, said: all the achievements of Taiwan star in this dynamic market come from the core values we uphold, which outline the appearance of a mobile service provider with unique style. We are honored to continue to cooperate with Nokia, who will support and help us realize the ambition of Taiwan star to provide 5g network services to all users in Taiwan

Ma Boze, President of Nokia Greater China, said: we are very happy to reach this cooperation with our long-term partner Taiwan star, which demonstrates their confidence in Nokia's global end-to-end product portfolio. At the same time, we look forward to working closely with Taiwan star to provide excellent 5g network experience for Taiwan users by helping it upgrade its network

about Nokia

Nokia adheres to the business philosophy of people-oriented technology, and is committed to delivering the industry's only comprehensive end-to-end product portfolio covering the global market, such as network devices, software, services and licensing. Relying on the award-winning Nokia Bell Labs, we lead the development and deployment of 5g with scientific and technological innovation

at present, our communication service provider customers provide wireless services to more than 6.4 billion users. At the same time, he added that enterprise customers have deployed more than 1300 industrial networks around the world. Nokia promises to carry out business activities with the highest standards of business ethics and actively promote changes in the way of life, work and communication

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