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Nokia released the 2015 human and earth report

Nokia released the 2015 annual sustainable development report, which once again shows Nokia's commitment to achieving world connectivity in a negative way. In 2015, Nokia identified four major sustainable development priorities to lead the company's development: using technology to improve human life, protect the environment, respect people in everything, and jointly promote change. Nokia people Planet Report 2015 introduces the detailed progress of these key initiatives. Please visit planet for the full text. The report describes Nokia's achievements, goals, milestones and related honors in sustainable development

Nokia CEO Su Li said on the report: Nokia actively pays attention to corporate ethics and advocates high standards. The company has undergone major transformation in 2015, and our vision for sustainable development has never changed. We will continue to study science and technology, expand human infinite possibilities through the Internet world, and make communication higher. The joint venture established by both parties is more efficient, healthier and more sustainable. After the merger with Alcatel lucent, we are working on a new sustainable development analysis to ensure that Nokia can achieve greater success in the future based on its performance in 2015 by setting measurable long-term development goals

main achievements in 2015

in 2015, Nokia made significant progress in energy conservation and emission reduction and promoting enterprise practice:

we launched a zero carbon emission base station solution, reducing the energy use of base stations by as much as 70%

we have modernized the wireless network, and after the transformation, the energy consumption is reduced by an average of 45%

our overall energy consumption decreased by about 7% year-on-year, and the greenhouse gas emissions of the company's offices and factories decreased by about 12% (including renewable power procurement)

51% of electricity comes from renewable energy

we support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, and in order to achieve these goals, we have carried out an evaluation and analysis of enterprise energy conservation and efficiency

about 98% of employees have completed the training course of enterprise ethics

employee participation in encouraging the allocation of coal imported from Southeast Asia and Northern China. The survey report shows that 94% of employees fully support Nokia's corporate values

in cooperation with save the children, we have worked together to help children and their communities in 350 Indian villages enhance their resilience to disasters. In 2015, we completed the first phase of the project, conducted community disaster prevention and rescue training for 176 villages, formulated specific disaster prevention plans and campus safety plans, and established village disaster prevention and response working groups

we also invited save the children to evaluate our children's rights processes and policies. Fatigue testing machine is mainly used to promote us to better integrate children's rights into the core strategy of the enterprise at room temperature

our major suppliers have performed well in energy conservation and emission reduction, exceeding our expected goal. A total of 180 suppliers have submitted climate impact reports to CDP, of which more than 90 have also set emission reduction targets

many external evaluation institutions have highly praised Nokia's efforts in sustainable development. CDP scored the highest score because of the climate change data we disclosed, and included us in the class a list of CDP and the 2015 Nordic climate information disclosure leadership index. We are included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index report and rated as the best enterprise supplier in the ecovadis supplier sustainability rating. In addition, we have always maintained our ranking on the ethibel sustainability index list (global list and European list), and once again on the FTSE4Good index evaluation, and were selected into the global top 100 sustainable development enterprises list issued by corporate Knights magazine

about Nokia human and earth report

Nokia is committed to continuously expanding the transparency and coverage of the report according to the implementation progress of the project, and expounds the content according to the GRI G4 core guidelines organized by the global reporting initiative, which is in line with the high-level standards of the United Nations Global Compact. Our selected key sustainability indicators have been confirmed by independent auditors

about Nokia

Nokia is a global technology leader in the three ways of connecting people to display class and everything. With the strong support of Bell Laboratories and Nokia's innovative technology, Nokia has expanded the possibilities of the connected world by developing and licensing leading technologies. Nokia has the most cutting-edge software, hardware and services to support all kinds of networks; It has unique advantages in providing technical support in the fields of 5g, cloud technology and IOT for communication service providers, government departments and large enterprises

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