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Nokia promotes data center and cloud transformation services to help operators transform to telecom cloud

with the continuous growth of network data usage, Nokia has launched three kinds of quality requirements for CFRP and increasingly thin industry services to expand its cloud intelligent services, so as to help operators migrate to telecom cloud and implement data center infrastructure, so as to run its cloud based enterprise and telecom functions. Nokia data center services adopts a holistic approach based on Devops (development and operation) to achieve flexible service delivery for multi vendor cloud environments. This can help operators make full use of the advantages of cloud technology to quickly launch new services. The second new service, Nokia cloud transformation consulting service, can help operators effectively plan and implement 11 Build a strong experimental database line deployment strategy to fully grasp the opportunities of Telecom cloud. Managed cloud operation service is a kind of managed service, which is oriented to hybrid operation across hardware, cloud components and application layer management

in order to promote the development of its data center services, Nokia will establish a design center in the UK supported by a global delivery center. Nokia uses automated testing and deployment methods to ensure cost-effective, accurate and fast delivery of tailored data center solutions to each operator. In addition, Nokia also strictly follows the principles of streamlined processes, Devops and collaboration to achieve continuous and rapid innovation. To complement its service portfolio, Nokia has expanded its partner ecosystem to increase its focus on data center services. The typical one is the cooperation with Sanmina, whose strong IT expertise and global supply chain capabilities make Nokia's multi vendor service delivery environment icing on the cake

Nokia data center, cloud transformation consulting and hosting cloud 6. Swing failure is mostly due to the loose electromechanical belt. Detailed introduction of operation services:

Nokia data center services can meet the computing, storage and network needs of cloud operators. This service can help assess and determine the needs of telecommunications data centers, design, build, operate and maintain a multi vendor solution architecture stack, continuously and quickly publish innovative services, and ensure the provision of carrier level availability and support. Relevant infrastructure can be built using Nokia air frame hardware or products of other manufacturers

cloud transformation consulting service can make full use of Nokia's Telecom cloud experience and expertise to evaluate and improve the cloud strategy of operators, and provide suggestions on architecture, tools and operation reform. The service will take full account of technology, personnel, processes and operational factors to help operators plan, implement and monitor the transformation journey of Telecom cloud environment

Nokia Telecom cloud indicators are the key pillar of cloud transformation consulting services, which can help operators understand their cloud development and plan corresponding transformation routes

Nokia will make use of the transformation experience of its powerful Bell Labs consulting organization to provide strong support for operators and enterprises in cloud transformation

hosting cloud operation services can help operators effectively manage hybrid networks. In the build operate migrate mode, Nokia experts will use the hosting mode to provide the required skills, tools and processes, so as to promote the maturity of hybrid operations

rosalyn roseboro, senior analyst of heavy reading, said: the latest research of heavy reading shows that 62% of operators are likely to rely on network equipment providers for data center transformation. By using the Devops method that many customers want to adopt, and at the same time providing innovative consulting services such as telecom cloud indicators, Nokia hopes to help customers successfully complete the complex cloud migration process

Igor Leprince, executive vice president of Nokia global services, said: as an end-to-end Telecom cloud solution provider, we do not only provide software and hardware. The company has made major investments to ensure that our new data center services can provide a solid backing for cloud migration. Our cloud transformation consulting service can help operators take wise measures to gradually transition to the telecom cloud environment. We provide operators with appropriate Telecom expertise and technology, and are committed to becoming their trusted partners to help them successfully adopt the telecom cloud and establish unique competitive advantages in flexibility and cost

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due to the high complexity of infrastructure customized for specific operator strategies, more than 60% of operators tend to outsource data center integration

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