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Nokia customers ", he added that the service solution: create a high-quality call center

: facing the high cost operation state of the call center, how can we successfully transform the call center into an effective sales channel and the cost center into a revenue generating center

call center is a service organization composed of a group of service personnel in a relatively centralized place. It usually uses computer communication technology to handle inquiries from enterprises and customers, especially has the ability to handle a large number of incoming calls at the same time, and also has the caller number display, which can automatically assign incoming calls to personnel with corresponding skills for processing, and can record and store all incoming information

from the perspective of operation, the operation cost of call centers, whether outsourced, self built or managed, is very expensive. Therefore, call center operators all have the same problem: how to maximize investment and expand the sales team by training the customer service team? Fortunately, the answer is yes, if you use the right tools

one of the challenges of running call centers is the relatively high loss rate of customer service. The average annual customer service turnover rate is usually 40%. In other words, customer service can only last for about 2.5 years. Secondly, the tools currently available to suppliers usually lack the information needed to provide targeted and personalized services for customers, so trying to sell new products or upgrade Jinan assay extensometer is generally ineffective

upgrade customer experience and improve business performance

Nokia customer service solutions integrate fixed and mobile devices, combining device management and customer service functions. They can help you reduce OPEX and total cost of ownership (TCO), and provide an experience that can ensure customer loyalty and improve Net Promoter Score

Nokia customer service solutions, you can get a secure, service independent framework that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing customer experience management (CEM) operations. Our solutions help you:

control the complete life cycle of mobile, home and IOT devices, and effectively provide new services to each device. Industry associations and international regulators work closely

provide a consistent and virtualized customer service experience between fixed, mobile, enterprise and IOT services

use real-time analysis to predict problems and actively solve problems before affecting customers

the survey report shows, Nearly three quarters of consumers are willing to spend more money to enjoy services that exceed their expectations. At the same time, 7% of the customers thought that the bad experience was the important reason why they no longer enjoyed the service, but only 1 of the 26 dissatisfied customers complained

Nokia customer service solutions provide a variety of analytical applications and workflows to help supplement client specific information to quickly resolve customer complaints or problems. In fact, the attitude of customers will change when the problem is solved quickly, so it is easier to accept promotional offers

like troubleshooting, this scheme can provide operators with the demand information of target customers at the right time, thus helping to generate revenue. For example: recommend unlimited data plan based on historical usage mode, recommend upgraded services or faster Internet connection based on the age of the device, etc

when customers are happy, it is easier to promote, and vice versa. Therefore, if the analysis engine detects that the customer has information about service interruption or complaint, it will not make any promotion to the customer

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