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Nokia Corporation: let employees speak freely

last spring, Nokia Corporation set up an internal information publishing platform called Blog Hub, which is open to bloggers among employees around the world. They can use aliases to publish information, and without hesitation, they can fiercely attack the company's purchasing behavior and software running speed. The company's management did not suppress this practice of employees, but let them vent their emotions. The reason why Nokia can monopolize the mobile field is not that it has charismatic leaders and talented technology. At present, the accuracy of domestic experimental machines generally uses two methods of level 1 and 0.5, or a unique corporate culture. Company authorities attribute their growth to the tradition of encouraging employees to speak freely, and they firmly believe that inspiration will be inspired. Mary McDowell, an executive vice president of Nokia, is responsible for corporate strategy, including R & D. she said, "although we can't control innovation, we can act as a lubricant."

this is particularly important in the current situation. Although this Finnish company accounts for 38% of the global market, twice as much as Samsung, which is second in the list by quickly turning the pointer back to the left limit of the dial by hand, its impressive leading edge is being eroded in the high-end intelligent market. In 2005, Nokia launched nseries, the world's first smart phone, two years earlier than Apple launched the iPhone. Although Nokia took the lead, in the first quarter of this year, due to the simple and easy-to-use models launched by apple and blackberry manufacturer research in motion, Nokia's share in the smart market fell from 41% a year ago to 37%

as the global market continued to languish, Nokia's profit in this quarter plunged 96% to $121million. Operating income fell 27% to $12.6 billion. The decline in performance has forced the company, which has been recruiting heavily for many years, to face the dilemma of layoffs. This year, the company closed its research and development center in Finland, and the total number of layoffs worldwide will exceed 2000

39000 R & D troops

nevertheless, the company still retains all R & D networks located in other parts of the world, including laboratories in Helsinki, Beijing and Palo Alto, California. In the first quarter of 2009, R & D expenditure accounted for 16.2% of its total sales. The company continues to increase its investment in R & D. Henry Tilly, head of Nokia Research Center, said, "in the high-tech field, any smart enterprise knows that R & D is a long-term process, and R & D investment must not be as high or low as other commercial investment."

from 2006 to 2008, the company increased its R & D expenditure by 35%, reaching 7% to 12% US $600million, accounting for 12% of its annual operating revenue of 50.7 billion. A total of 39000 people are engaged in research and development, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of employees. The company has set up some competition projects for them, such as designing innovative services based on the actual location of customers or the shell that is not easy to stain, and will award a bonus to the winners every six months

in order to regain its lost ground, Nokia is stepping up the launch of new products. Its 5800 XpressMusic touch screen has sold 3million units since its launch last November. In June this year, the top model N97 will go on sale. It is designed with a touch screen and a slide mini keyboard specially used to write e-mail. In addition, Nokia is also striving to expand its market in emerging countries such as China and India

a social networking site called sphere created by the company invites employees to put forward product ideas or express criticism. A sales representative in China once logged in to the station and asked why the stylus equipped on the touch screen did not provide customers with a variety of colors to choose from? The company attaches great importance to this suggestion and will provide spare pens of different colors for sale later this year

it is obviously annoying to listen to others' complaints, but Nokia has proved to the world that it is important to keep listening patiently for a long time. You will learn a lot from our careful notes

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