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Nokia cloud grouping core provides integrated access

Nokia vigorously expands its cloud grouping core to meet the growing needs of people and devices in the connected world

supports the broadest range of access technologies in the industry, and can improve the quality of service in a single or combined form, Expand coverage

adopt native cloud "the two major challenges are mechanical properties and process architecture, which can be broadband, IOT and MTC The delivery of services provides strong scalability, performance, flexibility and reliability, and provides an evolution path for 5g

Nokia recently announced that its native cloud convergence core, the cloud grouping core, now supports the industry's most extensive access technology. The network adopts the native Cloud Architecture and can deliver integrated broadband, IOT and MTC services through authorized, shared or unauthorized wireless spectrum and fixed access

in the interconnected digital world, networks are facing unprecedented pressure. The emergence and development of broadband, IOT and MTC have promoted the surge in the number of equipment and population that must be interconnected, and introduced a variety of service requirements and features that need the support of operators, including diversified access technologies. In addition, the absolute number of devices has a huge demand for network scalability, and the supported applications put forward strict requirements for performance and reliability. Operators must accept this new environment and ensure the flexible and efficient use of cloud resources, so as to achieve delivery economically

the core of the network is the connection hub, and its innovation is crucial to the transformation. Based on this latest situation, Nokia will continue to increase its investment in its cloud grouping core

with Nokia's flexible multi access method, fixed or wireless technology can be used separately or in combination, so as to ensure the delivery of integrated services based on the public core and provide a seamless service experience. These technologies include 2G, 3G, 4G and 5g authorized spectrum, Wi Fi, multefire, LTE based CBRS and other shared and unauthorized spectrum, as well as fixed access

in addition to the simple virtualization of the existing platform, Nokia adopts the concept of native Cloud Architecture, including software decoupling, state efficient processing capabilities, and combines the functional software components and network slices of the public data layer to rebuild its cloud grouping core, and realizes great scalability, performance, flexibility and reliability through centralized and distributed deployment

Nokia's cloud grouping core also includes a new and rich 3GPP R13 cellular IOT (CIO) feature set and new functions, such as the CIO serving gateway node, to support new services and application requirements such as narrowband IOT

the cloud grouping core will create major opportunities for broadband services and support various applications in consumer mobile, home, enterprise, government and other fields and vertical industries

key information:

Nokia cloud grouping core supports the industry's most extensive standard based wireless and fixed access technologies, and can deliver concurrent services through a variety of access technologies

it has a rich 3GPP R13 feature set and the latest CIO service node functions, supports applications and services such as NB IOT

native Cloud Architecture, and provides greater flexibility for resource deployment and efficient utilization, It can better promote efficiency improvement.

the latest pre integrated and modular cloud grouping core solution, especially for the steel solution for bridge cables below 10mm (cloud mobile Manager/cloud mobile customs), expands the rapid deployment and business integration capabilities of the existing cloud network function Virtualization (cloud nfv), so as to expand the market.

based on the original cloud investment required by today's 4G and converged networks, accelerate the evolution to 5g and continue to innovate, In order to expand service capabilities, scalability, flexibility and network functions, St phane t ral, senior research director and consultant of the Ministry of mobile infrastructure and operator economics of IHS Markit, said: Although the demand for 5g and the definition of use cases are constantly improving, it is clear that we also need a flexible new multi access native cloud packet core to support the improvement of mobile broadband in the short term Iot/mtc service China's original 1997 standard should also be changed and be in line with international standards and applications. In addition to laying the foundation for 5g development, this native cloud grouping core must ensure the required scale, capacity, reliability and flexibility to deliver diversified services and applications in a more cost-effective manner. Nokia clearly understands this change and will realize this evolution strategy by virtue of its cloud grouping core, transforming from virtualization to the native cloud architecture using large-scale Internet technology

Sri Reddy, head of Nokia's IP routing and cloud grouping core business department, said: the evolution of broadband to 5g and iot/mtc requires networks to meet different service characteristics and requirements. These services will be able to be delivered concurrently through the widest range of fixed and wireless technologies to provide a seamless service experience and support a wide range of personalization. Nokia cloud grouping core realizes this service by providing fusion anchors. With its native Cloud Architecture, many relevant associations and well-known enterprises such as Nokia cloud group provided support for the seminar. The core has the required flexibility, performance, scalability, reliability and improved operation, helping enterprises meet and benefit from mobile broadband, iot/mtc and the upcoming 5g opportunities

the Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 27 to March 2. At that time, the cloud grouping core will appear on the Nokia booth (Hall 3, booth 3a10)

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