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Nokia releases a new operating system and tool set for the next generation data center network

Nokia improves the data center network for all cloud service providers, including Internet companies, operators and enterprise customers, so that they can quickly design, deploy, adapt and automatically adjust the large-scale data center network, To meet the growing business needs of 5g and industry 4.0

Apple is an early adopter of Nokia's innovative technology. They are deploying Nokia's next-generation data center solution in their cloud data center

Nokia redefines openness, application development flexibility, robustness and operation tools for the data center network, In order to support the rapid construction and smooth operation of large-scale data center network

July 10, 2020

Espoo, Finland Nokia redefined the data center network architecture and launched a new generation of data center network operating system (NOS) and a new intention based network automation and operation toolkit. This will help cloud and data center builders to rapidly expand, adapt and adjust network operations to face the exponential growth of traffic year by year and the continuous changes brought about by technological changes such as 5g and industry 4.0. The new Nokia service router Linux (SR Linux) operating system and fabric service platform (FSP) network architecture business platform are jointly developed by Nokia and the world's leading Internet companies, including apple, and are being deployed in their data centers

facing the massive growth of cloud based applications and the need to use new technologies (such as AI, machine learning and AR/VR), today's huge and growing group of cloud service providers need unprecedented customization and flexibility, from network components to the operation and monitoring of huge data centers

however, the network operating system did not keep up with the changes in requirements. Despite continuous development, traditional systems have limitations, which are difficult to customize, integrate and automate. For example, today's most advanced systems only provide limited functions for customization, and even require complex integration. Usually, this means that the basic application needs to be recompiled every time the operating system (NOS) vendor upgrades the version. The relatively new open system attempt is still in its infancy, which is challenging for network operation, and has generally not been verified on a large scale

nokia SR Linux is a real architectural progress, because it is the first network operating system (NOS) completely based on the latest micro services. SR Linux NDK (Netops development kit) provides a complete and rich set of programming functions. Modern tools such as grpc (remote procedure call) and protobuf can easily integrate applications without recompilation, language restrictions and dependencies. SR Linux also inherits the internet protocol stack that has been strictly tested from the Nokia service router operating system (SROs). SROs is a trademark of Nokia's proven carrier class service router. SR Linux is actually the first flexible and open network application development environment in the industry

nokia FSP provides the tool set required by cloud service providers to realize network operation based on network intention and strategy. FSP goes far beyond the node centric management system. Based on a powerful network level architecture, it is designed to build, deploy and supervise the entire data center network. Finally, FSP provides the technology needed by large cloud service providers, such as the virtual digital twin model of real-time state correction for verification and troubleshooting

Nokia data center network solutions provide openness, flexibility, robustness and automation, making data centers and cloud environments easier to expand, adjust and operate

adam Bechtel, vice president of apple and head of the network department, said that we will regularly upgrade our data center equipment and adopt new technologies to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Using Nokia's new system will enable our factory in Viborg, Denmark to have better networking and routing functions

neil McRae, chief architect of BT group, as one of the world's leading communication service companies providing security, cloud and network services to consumers and enterprises, we regard data center automation as the basic technology of our telecom cloud model. Nokia's new data center architecture solution will provide comprehensive programmability and in-depth telemetry of the network, as well as the latest network operation toolkit, to help our telecom cloud achieve the greatest degree of automation and expansion, which is crucial to promoting 5g services in the future

muhammad Durrani, senior network architecture director of eqinix, Equinix has cooperated with Nokia for many years, and we have begun to deploy and use its highly reliable and scalable network solutions to provide global Internet services. We are glad to see Nokia enter the field of data center network, develop the next generation of open and easy to expand data center network operating system with the same stringent requirements, and use the IP routing stack and technology that have been verified in the global network. It provides a platform for network operation teams to easily adjust and build applications, and gives them the control they need to improve the development progress

richard Petrie, executive director and chief technology officer of Linx. Linx is the first company in the industry to use open network. We found that without adding a large number of employees, today's data center network environment cannot provide enough visibility or openness, and cannot achieve the maximum degree of automation required to expand the scale of operations. Nokia's solution brings a new level of robustness and creativity to the loosely coupled data center network, which is crucial. We are glad to see established manufacturers like Nokia enter the field of data center network

Mark van Teunenbroek, team. Blue/nl managing director, team Blue is the largest custody company in Europe, led by its founder, and is highly focused on providing innovation, privacy and security services for the formulation of the energy and environment development strategy of Europe 250 million customers. He said: Nokia is one of the main partners of our data center interconnection transmission network in the Netherlands. Seeing that they have now brought a new level of robustness and creativity to the data center network shows that Nokia understands our current and future needs as a hosting company. The network visualization and openness of Nokia SR Linux platform will provide us with the network automation capabilities we need to help our operations continue to grow and expand in the future. We look forward to trying out Nokia's new solutions in our data center

elif yenihan, director of turkcell's core and access network planning, as Nokia makes the massive data center structure more automated, more open and easier to use, we find that their vision and implementation are very in line with the requirements of turkcell. For our data center operations, we need the greatest flexibility and confidence. Nokia's solution positioning is very good. We are happy to cooperate with Nokia to realize rapid deployment, maximum adaptability and network flexibility in a considerable scale, and simplify operations

alan weckel, founding analyst of 650 group market research company, now the demand for data center switching and routing on a large scale is quite different from that five years ago. Nokia combines its proven routing software with a fully open and easy to expand foundation to provide new network operating systems, automation platforms and data center switches to meet the new needs of ultra large networks, such as infinite scale, agility and AI. Nokia continues to expand its cloud product portfolio. As estimated by the 650 group, by 2024, the total cost of data center switching and routing products will exceed $17billion a year, and different fixtures can be installed. Telecommunications service providers and enterprises will benefit from cloud innovation in the next few years

basil Alwan, President of Nokia IP and optical network group, in the decades of serving global communication operators, we have understood the technical challenges faced by building and operating communication and key business IP networks worldwide. However, today's large data centers face their own unique operational challenges. SR Linux project is a new project inspired by our cooperation with apple and other companies. The final implementation achieves a balance between considering the design depth and future development

Nokia solutions and products include:

nokia SR Linux built tensile strength>28mpa, which is based on Nokia's proven SROs internet protocol suite. SROs has recognized scalability, flexibility and interoperability, and has been deployed in more than one million routers in the global IP network and Internet. The new SR Linux has nothing to do with hardware and runs on standard Linux. Its infrastructure is centered on model driven management, fine-grained telemetry based on flow and new interfaces (such as grpc and protobuf), providing easier programmability, higher visibility and deeper control of alloy high carbon steel (or low carbon alloy steel), cold working die steel, etc. for all applications. It provides customers' Netops teams with the latest NDK so that they can choose the language for developing new applications and operational tools

nokia FSP is a declarative intent based network automation and operations toolkit that provides flexible and scalable network operations for SR Linux and multi vendor data center infrastructures. Nokia FSP can easily integrate with existing operating systems and provide a unique digital sandbox for real-time simulation, which can be used for network design, testing and troubleshooting. FSP certified design reduces network architecture design time and simplifies the design planning of day 0 (Design), day 1 (deployment) and day 2 (operation). These functions make the Netops team more confident in all stages of large-scale network deployment and operation, so that they can operate more efficiently with lower cost and fewer personnel

Nokia data center product line provides great scalability and flexibility, laying a solid foundation for data centers and cloud networks. Nokia data center product family includes Nokia 7250 interconnect router (IXR), Nokia 7220 ixr-h series and Nokia 7220 ixr-d series. It provides a wide range of chassis and fixed configuration high-performance switchers for top of shelf switch (TOR), leaf, spin and super spin architectures. These platforms support 400ge, 100ge, 50ge, 40ge, 25ge, 10GE and 1ge interfaces and provide powerful and comprehensive functions, including IP routing, layer 2 switching, QoS, scalable telemetry, security and model driven management

sr Linux, 7250 IXR and 7220 ixr-d series are now available, and FSP and 7220 ixr-h series will be available in the fourth quarter of 2020

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