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using 5g commercial RF integrated electricity, the factory will focus on improving the incremental technical problem path (RFIC) and Intel 5g mobile test platform (MTP), realizing the network connection between outdoor suppliers on the 28ghz spectrum

outfield testing is carried out with Nokia commercial 5g airscale wireless solution, Make the real environment test conform to the 3GPP Standard Specification

successfully carry out the end-to-end test of 28 GHz 5g wireless access characteristics and connections in the outdoor environment

Nokia recently announced that it, together with T-Mobile and Intel, has deployed a 28 GHz outdoor 5g commercial wireless system in the busy corridor area of downtown Bellevue, Washington, USA, creating an important milestone in the 5g cooperation between the three companies. Using Nokia 5g commercial airscale solution and Intel 5g mobile test platform (MTP), the three companies successfully conducted a data session field test on the 28ghz wireless spectrum, enabling T-Mobile to deploy its first 5g network between suppliers. This cooperation has further promoted the promotion of 5g. How do we choose that? The next is the selection criteria: standardization, improving the 5g ecosystem of chips and devices, and delivering the best network experience for non operator customers

this milestone extends the 5g millimeter wave wireless performance and transmission test to the real environment, which is the first step to push 5g technology from the laboratory to practical application. In addition, through this test, T-M's lighter, stronger, more economical and more humanized cars have come out of the laboratory. Obile and Nokia can also have an in-depth understanding of how millimeter wave 5g technology integrates with existing networks and how it coexists with LTE

all frequency bands from 600MHz to millimeter wave are necessary to realize the 5g vision. Since 5g is expected to create an excellent broadband experience and realize the interconnection of everything, wide area coverage supporting strong mobility must become an integral part of the national deployment strategy

Neville ray, chief technology officer of T-Mobile, said: we are actively committed to establishing a multi band 5g mobile network nationwide, and starting the millimeter wave spectrum outfield test is an important step forward

microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine with load sensor

Ricky Corker, head of Nokia North America, said: on the road to 5g, we need to make great efforts and continue to innovate. Our innovation with T-Mobile in Bellevue is the epitome of achieving this goal. T-Mobile has made great technological progress in its network evolution process, and Nokia is honored to be a key partner in this process

the mobile world congress 2018 will be held in Barcelona, Spain, from February 26 to March 1, 2018. At that time, Nokia will fully demonstrate 5g networks on the airscale platform

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5g will reshape the way people communicate, and the mobile communication industry has made significant progress in 5g system research and development. Fully tap the potential of 5g

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Nokia is a global leader in the core technology of the innovative Internet world. With the research and innovation of Nokia Bell Laboratories, Nokia uses the industry's most comprehensive end-to-end products, services and licensing platform to serve communication service providers, government departments, large enterprises and consumers

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