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Nokia releases a centralized security management system for operator networks

in today's increasingly rampant network threats, Nokia has released netguard security management center to further enhance its security solution portfolio. Netguard security management center is an easy-to-use comprehensive software platform that can support operators to monitor and control the security systems of all manufacturers deployed on their entire telecommunications network. Integrating the monitoring and configuration of different security systems on one platform can significantly enhance security, because it can centrally analyze and correlate security events, so as to prevent security threats that cannot be detected by independent security systems

in addition to easily and quickly detecting and preventing attacks, netguard security management center can also automatically and consistently configure security policies on a large scale, upgrade firmware in batches, and verify manufacturer specific security reinforcement settings, so as to help operators improve operational efficiency and reduce the overall security cost of providing high-quality, high value-added solutions and services to new and old customers

overview of security management center:

security management center can integrate all network security systems (regardless of manufacturer), monitor their security status, and manage security events, vulnerabilities, security policies, and network access

this scheme detects the security threats in the network by actively detecting the security vulnerabilities and conducting correlation analysis according to its internal database

then, the rule-based configurable decision engine can use the results of safety analysis to trigger automatic corrective measures, or help operators implement manual responses

the system can reduce the risk of network infrastructure being attacked by optimizing the configuration of security parameters

different from the vertical solutions of special protection elements, the security management center provides a comprehensive view of the whole network, and can discover and suppress a wide range of security threats by associating security events from different levels (usually isolated from each other) such as wireless access, transmission, core and operation support

Dr. Stefan P TZ, vice president of network and infrastructure security of Deutsche Telekom's security business division, said: Deutsche Telekom appreciates Nokia's comprehensive security solutions, which bring much more value than the simple addition of their independent security modules. For example, through automatic security audit and security alarm correlation, we will be able to accurately locate security attacks that cannot be detected in the current network

in response to Premier Li Keqiang's order, Giuseppe targia, head of Nokia's network security business, said: networks are becoming increasingly isomerized and open, so they are more vulnerable to network attacks. Any network performance degradation, partial interruption or overall interruption caused by the attack will be one of the biggest threats faced by operators. Such incidents may cause dissatisfaction to customers at least, or serious damage to the whole business. Our netguard security management center can help operators ensure the security of their entire network, not just some protected parts

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security is a very practical problem for IOT. Any device with an IP address may suffer malicious attacks. According to the Vodafone barometer report in 2015, 64% of enterprises reported that security and privacy issues were their primary concerns when deploying the IOT (M2M) business

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