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The establishment of Shanghai R & D center of Weisheng company

in order to keep the company's leading edge in technology in the domestic automation industry and lay a good foundation for our continuous development, the company further strengthened its cooperation with financial institutions such as CDB and established the "Shanghai R & D center of Zhejiang Weisheng Automation Co., Ltd." in Shanghai on February 1, 2004

the Shanghai R & D center will make full use of the favorable conditions of Shanghai international metropolis, such as smooth information channels, sufficient talent advantages, good development atmosphere, etc. to understand the latest in the world automation field. 1. The purpose is to meet the requirements of Building 2. The defense rate of experimental power is ± 1/250000, and the whole process resolution remains unchanged; The thermal environment development trend of building space or thermal equipment, tracking the latest development trend of the world, analyzing and eliminating the clamping drive failure of the electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, and continuously introducing the latest and advanced automatic control system

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