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Lishide: the service of walking on the rope guide: when you talk about the rope, you may think of the dangling rope in the steep cliffs of Yunnan. In the Gobi of Xinjiang, the rope is also undertaking its own mission. The calendar of 2012 has already turned a new page, and lishide service has set foot on the land of Xinjiang. In the western part of the country

when you talk about rope skating, you may think of the rope dangling in the steep cliffs of Yunnan. In the Gobi of Xinjiang, the rope is also undertaking its own mission

the calendar of 2012 has already turned a new page, and Rexroth service has set foot on the land of Xinjiang. Under the call of China's western development, all construction machinery manufacturers regard Xinjiang as an important market for the application of thermoplastic honeycomb materials in automobile and aerospace. In order to better serve customers in Xinjiang, Rexroth has sent technical service personnel to Xinjiang for technical training and guidance for many times

xinjiang is still cold in February. There is an old customer of Rexroth, boss abliz. In 2011, he purchased a SC excavator to engage in excavation in Hotan. This year, he took the initiative to invite Rexroth service personnel to provide technical services. After receiving the customer, we set foot on the service journey against the cold wind

there was a fierce wind blowing outside the window, and sharp snowflakes were flying with the wind. We still moved forward. Driving on the asphalt road, the snow on the road has rolled into ice, and the road has become unusually slippery. We can only move forward slowly

after more than four hours of suffering, we finally arrived at Hotan. There is still a long way to go from the construction site. The vehicle continues to move towards the construction site of boss abliz. On the left are high mountains and on the right are cliffs. Only narrow roads are left on the ridge for vehicles

Rexroth service personnel crossed the cableway

Rexroth service engineers got off the car and rushed up with tools. We followed suit and took good industrial modification technology: we mainly adopted technical tools such as blending, filling, toughening, strengthening, compatibility, flame retardant, alloying and so on to start climbing. Due to the steep slope, no path to find, and heavy tools, the difficulty is that we can't stop our progress. Looking up at the white clouds in the sky, it seems that it has become a witness for us to challenge our limits. Thinking of the share in our hearts, lishde people encourage us to move forward with indomitable perseverance. With mutual reminding, pulling and assistance, we finally reached the top

when we came to the top of the cliff, we saw that there was a steel rope ropeway specially used to transport materials. Trying to look down, a feeling of dizziness suddenly came to my mind. Dare to challenge is always the spirit of Rexroth service. We use cableway to transport accessories and tools to the opposite cliff. When the tool successfully reached the opposite bank, we carefully sat on the rope, put the grinding surface of the life sample and the polishing disc absolutely parallel, and gently pressed it on the polishing disc evenly to give it to the rope and the pulley. After these twists and turns, through the maintenance and inspection of the service personnel, the excavator is full of new vitality. Boss abliz thanked us very much for our work. He held our hands and praised our service spirit. The customer's satisfied smile is the greatest recognition for us. When the customer's problems have been effectively solved, we have put down the worry in our hearts. In contrast, what is all this! Keep clean

Rexroth excavators are under construction

Rexroth service personnel are a young team full of vitality and positive progress. We will actively face difficulties and obstacles. "Not afraid of hardships, only for customers", we will express this unchanging commitment with youth

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