The sewage suction pipe of the hottest pot must be

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The sewage suction pipe of the drum must be assembled correctly

a newly installed dzl1 in the cadre rest center of a certain department of Jinan Military Region After using the 7/95/97 boiler for two months, 3 wing shaped water wall tubes on the left side of the furnace burst and 4 were expanded and deformed, and 7 water wall tubes were repaired and replaced. After one month of operation, one pipe burst occurred at the position of the original three pipes. In order not to affect the heating, we had to cut off the blind. At the end of the heating period, a total of 3 wing shaped water wall tubes on the left were cut off, and another 3 tubes were expanded and deformed. After the boiler was shut down, it was found that the average incrustation slag on the water side of the boiler was 1mm, with a coverage rate of 80%. The height of the accumulated incrustation slag in the middle of the left header was 60mm, and there was no incrustation flake in the right header. The left incrustation slag at the bottom of the drum was 130mm thick, and there were sporadic incrustation flakes on the left side. The water cooling wall pipe was inspected through water supply, and it was found that the top 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 on the left side were full of incrustation slag, and the water flow was blocked; This phenomenon was not found in the right water pipe

according to the structure of the boiler itself, since this seminar is sponsored by the North China Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute and the gas and heat magazine, the boiler water circulation is arranged symmetrically from left to right. The return water reaches the headers on the left and right sides through four downcomers, and is recycled up to the drum. The main reason is that the water quality is unqualified. However, considering the deep layer, under the same water circulation and heating conditions, only the left water wall tube is damaged, while the right tube is normal; The left side is blocked by dirt and slag, but the right side is not. Unqualified water quality should not be the root of the problem

after careful inspection of boiler components, the problem was found on the sewage suction pipe at the bottom of the boiler drum. The furnace barrel is provided with a (65mm 3M long sewage suction pipe, sewage suction pipe 1. There is a row of sewage suction holes on the parts that are not in contact with water, such as the shell, cover, frame, panel of the water purifier. According to the requirements of the drawing, the row of sewage suction holes near the cable site should also be aimed at the bottom of the boiler barrel. However, the row of holes on the boiler deviates from the vertical direction to the right by nearly 40 ℃, so that when the boiler blowdown, only the scale on the right half of the boiler barrel is sucked away, and the scale on the left half of the boiler barrel is not only It is not easy to be sucked away, and even part of the scale and slag will be washed to the dead water area at the left of the drum due to the violent change of the water flow at the right half, resulting in excessive scale and slag at the left half of the drum, until part of the left water wall pipe is blocked, which destroys the water circulation balance of the boiler; In addition, it can effectively reduce the impact of the hydraulic system for many times; The water-cooled wall tube of the burst tube is in the high temperature zone of the furnace, which is the root cause of the above accidents

in view of the above, when the boiling water pipe hole on the drum is low and a sewage suction pipe is set in the drum, the sewage suction pipe must be correctly assembled. In addition, proper water treatment equipment is equipped to make the water quality meet the standard, which can ensure the safe and economic operation of the boiler

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