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According to the information from the national coating industry information center, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China recently publicized the "government procurement list of environmental labeling products" (the seventh issue) from December 14, 2010 to January 4, 2011. According to our understanding, 380 enterprises' water-based coatings and 17 Enterprises' waterproof coatings were selected in the list published this time. As in the sixth phase, solvent based wood coatings were not included in this list again. In the process of government procurement, in case that the manufacturer and its agents do not accept the invitation to participate in government procurement activities, the products listed in the "environmental protection list" cannot be supplied normally, or other violations of the letter of commitment occur, the purchaser and other relevant parties shall timely report the relevant situation to the Ministry of finance. After verification, the Ministry of finance, according to the specific violations, dealt with the repeated construction of the precautions for the use of low-end rubber electronic universal testing machine for months to two years due to the inclusion of the manufacturer measured with a square level in the bad supplier behavior record and the suspension of the inclusion in the "environmental protection list". The specific list of "government procurement list of environmental labeling products" (phase VII) for coating commodities is as follows:

"government procurement list of environmental labeling products" (phase VII) coating 2 Measurement of deformation: measure commodities through deformation measurement device

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