The new year's Day promotion will come to Hebei, a

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Consumer demand has been upgraded, the threshold of market policies has been raised, and quality control has become stricter, leading industry competition to innovation. As a result, the phenomenon of survival of the fittest among kitchen appliance enterprises is prominent, many enterprises that do not have the development trend are closed down, the number of brands in the industry is shrinking, the terminal channel pattern is further refreshed, and the terminal dealers are facing the threat of synchronous reshuffle. For this, as the core dealer group of the entire kitchen appliance industry, we can only constantly seek innovation, change the inherently backward business concept, and make the retail model more diversified and comprehensive, In order to gain a foothold in the market for a long time

2018 New Year's Day promotion is coming. In order to better understand the products and more directly contact the company's new year's Day activities, the dealer teams in all regions of Cohen kitchen appliances have rushed to the headquarters to investigate and study. On December 15, the dealer teams in all regions of Hebei rushed to the headquarters of Cohen to carry out a three-day closed training, which not only improved the knowledge of store management, sales skills, channel operation, promotion planning and so on, In the communication and discussion with the business training team, a promotion plan suitable for the local market activity law was formulated in combination with the company's new year's Day promotion plan. We have made full preparations for the new year's Day promotion

at that time, Cohen kitchen appliances will carry out year-end promotional activities with the theme of "Happy New Year's day, gifts for the new year" in all Cohen terminal stores across the country, presenting unprecedented super gifts and grabbing cash in advance; Buy and give gifts: buy more and give more, and the luxury gifts will not stop. Regular customers have good gifts: activities such as red envelope pumping continue to be staged, allowing more consumers to bring home Cohen products with excellent quality and performance. To learn more about the event, please go to the national Cohen store for details

Over the years, Cohen kitchen appliances has won unanimous praise from consumers inside and outside the industry and across the country with its excellent quality, strong technological research and development capabilities and unique design style. In the future, Cohen will continue to work hand in hand with dealers to share technological dividends and jointly create another legend in the kitchen electrical industry




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