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Mr. Li Li, CEO of China Youcai (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Stock Code: 0899), was invited to attend the forum as a representative of China's innovative enterprises

[Abstract] Mr. Li Li, CEO of China Youcai (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong Stock Code: 0899), was invited to attend the forum as a representative of Chinese innovative enterprises

On November 24, 2015, the fourth China CEE summit was held in Suzhou. As an important part of the summit, the Fifth China CEE economic and trade forum hosted by the Ministry of Commerce was held in Suzhou Taihu International Conference Center. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang attended the national economic and trade forum and delivered a speech. Leaders of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia and other 16 countries attended the opening ceremony

Premier Li Keqiang attended the forum and delivered a speech. After the opening ceremony, Premier Li Keqiang attended three sub forums with the themes of "work together to build the 'the Belt and Road'", "complementary advantages to promote industrial park cooperation" and "tap deep potential to enrich 'Internet +' content", and proposed that small and medium-sized enterprises are the pillar of China's innovation, and we should vigorously support the innovation ability of innovative enterprises

Suzhou is the first time that the China CEE leaders' meeting is held in China, which is of great significance to the urban construction of Jiangsu and Suzhou and the development of enterprises and institutions

on September 20, 2015, the grand opening ceremony of the world's second production base of China Youcai Aimeisen wood processing Co., Ltd. and the first global VIP customer gathering came to a successful end in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province. The reason why Aimeisen took off in just five years and led the field of high-value utilization of wood is that thanks to scientific management, Aimeisen people have always taken quality as the yardstick for the development of enterprises, innovative thinking, and forge ahead. The production process of Huai'an production base has learned from previous experience, and the design is more reasonable and efficient. While reducing labor and loss, it also greatly improves the processing efficiency and product quality. Huai'an base adopts advanced environmental protection production technology to reduce energy consumption. Through the application of heat energy exchange technology, it can efficiently absorb the cost pressure brought by the latest national environmental protection policies, actively respond to the call of the state, become an environment-friendly enterprise, and comprehensively improve the technology of wood drying. New designs have been made in production logistics, raw material inspection, finished product inspection, quality control, storage system, wood optimization system and other related production systems to achieve a fully automated and efficient assembly line, and achieve real production zero emissions. A series of technological improvements have pushed the wood high-value utilization industry to a new height and laid the foundation for the sustainable development of Amerson

China's superior wood has been supported by science and technology, driven by innovation, and market-oriented. Through technological innovation and research and development, it has significantly improved the quality of wood and endowed wood with flame retardant, anti-corrosion, dyeing and other functions, meeting the needs of the wood processing industry for high value-added, differentiated and diversified functional wood and products. The industrial development driven by scientific and technological innovation will improve the status of China's timber industry in the international division of labor, drive the adjustment of the entire timber industrial structure, realize industrial transformation and upgrading, and thus promote China's transformation from a large forest product manufacturing country to a powerful country

as an innovative enterprise committed to international development, China Youcai will take the victory of this forum as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the "Internet +" innovation mode proposed by Premier Li Keqiang, constantly innovate enterprise development ideas, integrate Internet thinking into product research and development, marketing and other aspects, and continue to move forward towards the established strategic goals of the group





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