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Speaking of Japan, we will think of tatami. In modern decoration, tatami platform is loved by many people. Is the decoration price of tatami platform expensive? Next, let's take a look at the decoration price of tatami terrace

what is the tatami terrace? It is a kind of furniture commonly used in Japanese decoration. There are floor boxes inside, which can facilitate everyone to store all kinds of daily items, and they can also be used directly as beds. Although it is mostly used with tatami, it also has strong independence and characteristics, which can not only distinguish the space, but also reasonably match with other furniture

when it comes to the decoration price of tatami platform, we must first know what procedures are needed to install tatami platform. Generally speaking, because it will be designed with a floor box inside, it is necessary to consider the materials to be used, as well as the height and size of the production. Of course, you may often see tatami platforms that contain mats, so this is also a part of the price that needs to be considered

in general, the material is the most important. The wood they choose directly affects the decoration price of tatami platform. If it is to decorate a 1.5*1.8m platform, the price is about 500— Between 1000 yuan

for example, if you make a platform made of solid wood particle board, the price is about 700 yuan per square meter. If you use oak board, the price is 1200 yuan/square meter. Tatami terrace decoration price is not too expensive on the whole, and they have such good functional effects, so I think it is very cost-effective

about the decoration price of tatami terrace, I'll introduce it here. I hope it can help you. More decoration information is here. Please look forward to it




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