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[home decoration network] Ms. Zhang, who lives in a community, cracks appeared on the wall shortly after the decoration of her new house, and then the latex paint fell off in a large area. Ms. Zhang believes that since her wall is handed over to the home decoration company to be responsible for painting, the problem must be related to the latex paint material used by the home decoration company, but the home decoration company insists that there is no problem with the composition and process of the latex paint on the wall, and the two sides are so angry about it that they even have to go to court. [related reading: novice experience: share the experience of house collection and inspection with you]

after checking, the home decoration supervision expert found that the wall fell off because the original wall was putty white, which was not removed before decoration. Gongtingxi, head of the decoration supervision station of Jiangsu consumers' Association and Nanjing decoration supervision company, pointed out after checking the construction of Ms. Zhang's house with the reporter that the owner was careless and started work hastily during the house inspection due to lack of experience, and the construction of the home decoration company was not careful, which laid hidden dangers for future disputes

stationmaster Gong told reporters that the house inspection is not only a handover process for the owner and the property to perform the procedures, but also a key step for the later decoration. To avoid the hidden dangers of decoration, we must start from the house inspection link. Judging from the peeling off of emulsion paint on the wall of Ms. Zhang's house, the top of the wall must be carefully checked during the house inspection, depending on whether it is blank or putty, or cement paste painting, “ The blank wall is the best, which is very easy to do in the later decoration, while the wall with white putty and cement paste painting covers the original hollows and cracks, and the original wall can't be seen, so the owner should remember to remove all the walls with white putty when decorating, otherwise paint directly on it, and the wall will soon appear cracks and slag. [related reading: key points of New House acceptance and inspection]

◆ Entanglement: is it to find a home decoration company to inspect the house or a third-party supervisor

“ If we plan to buy a new house after marriage, we will definitely find professionals to inspect the house. Ms. Liu, a citizen who lives near Daqiao South Road in Xiaguan District, said so. The reporter learned that although many citizens agree with the new house inspection, they are not very clear that they should find a home decoration company to provide house inspection services, or ask a third-party professional supervisor to be responsible

“ Now there are more or less some detail problems in the new houses. From the perspective of architecture, these problems may be minimal and can also pass the inspection of relevant departments. However, in the process of home decoration, even the slightest difference may lead to many errors such as ground paving, wall painting, closed balcony and so on. A person in the home decoration industry said that because the owners who do not understand housing construction are anxious to start moving in, they may also ignore the problems left over in the house inspection, drag them to the decoration construction, and then encounter an irresponsible engineering team or guerrilla, cut corners and mix jobs indiscriminately, and the owners will not find all kinds of problems until they move into the new house

“ Although some people in the home decoration company are also responsible for supervising the construction quality, the quality judgment results obtained are difficult to be convincing. According to the analysis of industry experts, the biggest difference between the third-party supervision and the internal supervision of home decoration companies is its objectivity and impartiality. As the head of the first formal home decoration supervision company established in Nanjing, Gong Tingxi said that Nanjing has had home decoration inspection and supervision services since 1999, but until now, many owners still put the cart before the horse when decorating, and only blindly consider decorating the house magnificently, but forget to put safety and quality first. The independence of home decoration and house inspection is very important, “ If some home decoration enterprises carelessly inspect in order to pursue the project progress, it is easy to quarrel with developers in the later stage. [related reading: the latest house inspection “ 36 ways to make your heart more secure]

◆ question: “ The service standard of private house inspection is still lack of national supervision

“ Is folk house inspection really reliable? Mr. Chen, who lives in a community in Hexi, said, “ As for house inspection, I believe that no institution or enterprise now has formal conditions and permits for house inspection, and it is difficult to imagine that the report issued by them is persuasive simply by tapping the wall with a hammer and measuring the area with a palm sized instrument. Mr. Chen said that he did not disapprove of the house inspection, nor did he resist the house inspection, but worried that once the house inspection was completed, the owner's house inspection report would run into a wall in front of developers and properties, resulting in economic disputes

another house inspector revealed that according to the industry charging standard for the inspection of rough houses, the charge is usually 300 yuan for less than 90 square meters, 380 yuan for 90-120 square meters, and 480 yuan for 120-150 square meters, while the fine decorated houses are charged at a standard ranging from 5-8 yuan per square meter. Because laws and regulations have not made corresponding specifications for the inspection of houses in the early stage of home decoration, there are no clear standards for the charging scale, service scope and regulatory norms. Industry insiders therefore suggest that when consumers choose a home decoration company for house inspection, they had better choose a formal company with high integrity, and according to the current market situation, they can't do it even if they hire a home decoration supervisor for house inspection “ To get rid of the shopkeeper, you should follow them to observe the scene synchronously and learn more about the basic knowledge of house inspection




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