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"Konson Keshan is a team full of charm and humanistic care. Here, there is no hierarchy and authority, no dignity and superiority, no prejudice and malice. This is an equal, peaceful and loving family." Xu CAITONG, the production director of konson Keshang wood door, advocated a flexible management mode and passed on artistic life through Seiko wood products

Xu CAITONG graduated from Nanjing Forestry University. He loved art since childhood, was well influenced by art, received systematic art education, and showed elegance and demeanor in his gestures. At the same time, he has the temperament of an artist and manager. As a manager, he sets an example, strives for perfection, and uses a positive spirit to influence the team and drive the team's progress; For employees, he is more about respect, praise and encouragement, and gives tolerance, care and understanding, so that employees can create fine art works of wooden doors in a warm working atmosphere

[interview guest]: Xu CAITONG, production director of konson Keshang wooden door

[interview reporter]: Sina home Meng Li

Sina home: what unique brand charm does konson Keshang wooden door have in your eyes

Xu CAITONG: konson Keshang wooden door has a fashionable, aesthetic and romantic brand positioning. Its unique charm lies in that it conveys an elegant life experience, romantic life style and unique aesthetic concept to consumers. Behind each wooden door, there is a story and warm humanistic feelings, which endows the wooden door with life and soul and helps customers find a sense of belonging in their hearts

Sina home: compared with other wooden doors, what are the product advantages of konson Keshang wooden door

Xu CAITONG: konson Keshang focuses on the original design of wooden doors, accurately understands the aesthetic interests of consumers, grasps the latest trend direction of international home furnishings, respects traditional values, favors natural materials, admires Seiko quality, and forms a perfect combination of balance and composition by unifying form and function. A variety of artistic elements are added to the design, and the unique modeling language is perfectly reflected in the manufacturing details of the wooden door, so that the home is closer to nature and art, away from the noise of the world, so that people can obtain inner peace and stability, and cause consumers' emotional resonance and value recognition

at the same time, we focus on wooden door manufacturing, do not pursue amazing performance unilaterally, and constantly surpass ourselves while paying attention to product quality, striving to achieve the perfection of every detail. There is only one way to succeed, that is, to be different. Continuous innovation is one of konson Keshan's core competitive advantages. We understand the mode or law of product innovation, deepen our understanding of the economic value of continuous innovation, cultivate employees' ability of continuous innovation, eliminate institutional obstacles, and obtain competitive advantages

Sina home: from raw materials to production, how does konson Keshang wooden door strictly grasp every detail to ensure the perfect quality of every wooden door

Xu CAITONG: "scientific, systematic, rigorous and standardized" is the management philosophy of konson Keshang wooden door. Our raw material suppliers are well-known brands that have been strictly selected, and each kind of material has been strictly inspected. Each door type has a scientific and rigorous process manufacturing flow chart to standardize the handover process between processes; Every product part, from the first process to the last process, is strictly checked to ensure the perfect quality of every wooden door

Sina home: in terms of team management, what else can Ke learn from the industry

Xu CAITONG: konson Keshan is a team full of charm and humanistic care. Here, there is no hierarchy and authority, no dignity and superiority, no prejudice and malice. This is an equal, peaceful and loving family. We focus on improvement, but pay more attention to the tempering and training of talents. We pay attention to the scientific and humanized team management mode, and set an example to inspire the team with personal charm

we are more about praising and encouraging employees. We discuss with each other, learn from each other, respect each other, and share the fun of work and life together. Through this humanized management mode, we can fully mobilize the work enthusiasm of every employee, so that everyone can pass every product part as a work of art, and also pass on mutual love

Sina home: the production of konson Keshang Yingcheng Industrial Park will become the largest wooden door production base in Central China. How is the current project construction progress? What impact will konson have on Keshang brand and wood door industry after the completion of the project

Xu CAITONG: the first phase of Yingcheng Industrial Park is nearing the end. The ground pouring of the plant is currently under way, and the main body of the staff dormitory building is basically completed. The next step is the installation of water and electricity, which is expected to start production in mid September. The completion of the project is bound to significantly increase the industry popularity and market share of konson Keshang wooden door. While building a leading brand of wooden door, konson Keshang wooden door will also become a new benchmark in the wooden door manufacturing industry in Central China

Sina home: in terms of production mode, what are the new plans and goals of konson keshangmumen this year

Xu CAITONG: the production workshop of konson Keshang Yingcheng Industrial Park has been designed according to the standardized production line, which is divided into three production lines: raw wood door production line, solid wood door production line, furniture production line and so on. On the existing basis, we will invest another 30million to purchase advanced production equipment, increase the number of front-line production staff by about 500, and achieve the goal of sales growth of 300% year-on-year




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