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Aspec Yuancun

aspec Yuancun, a manufacturer of wide temperature SSD R & D, is a domestic wide temperature SSD solid-state disk brand that focuses on wide temperature SSD solid-state disk. Although some products are not integrated with high-end hard disk R & D, production and sales, aspec Yuancun provides enterprises with accurate and professional wide temperature SSD product service solutions. The company has an independent and strong R & D team, which flexibly provides oem/odm customized solutions for customers

aspec uses wide temperature flash memory particles

since 2011, it has cooperated with Taiwan smart micro technology to jointly develop a wide temperature SSD special master control scheme, which was successfully developed and put into production in 2014. It has become the first manufacturer with the strength to develop master chips in mainland China

aspec meta storage wide temperature SSD solid state disk products adopt wide temperature flash memory particles, which essentially improves the performance of the products, ensures the stability of the products, and extends the service life

aspec Yuancun perfect production line

aspec Yuancun has perfect product production line. The latest trends of products can be tracked in real time from the distribution of product ingredients to the production line, and the product quality can be traced to personal quality to ensure the product quality. The production line is flexible, which can change flexibly according to customers' needs to meet customers' demand for product delivery

aspec Yuancun has complete production equipment

aspec Yuancun has complete production equipment. Such as constant temperature and humidity machine, high and low temperature test, temperature shock and other necessary equipment for wide temperature SSD production. Complete and specialized production equipment for advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new material industry, which meet the highest standard of wide temperature product testing

aspec Yuancun strict production process

aspec Yuancun products are produced in accordance with the work specification level standards. In fact, many places that do not produce are done from us. From raw material detection to product production, strictly control and ensure product quality. The production of products has gone through high and low temperature storage testing, temperature shock, salt spray testing, drop testing, vibration testing, compatibility testing, EMI and EMC testing and other projects

aspec Yuancun has a professional R & D team and a mature R & D engineering team. The R & D engineering team of the company has many years of professional R & D knowledge in the industry and provides customers with solutions in a timely manner, such as providing customers with accurate and professional oem/odm customized service solutions according to customer needs, developing new product solutions, and remotely assisting customers to solve various problems encountered in the use of products

because of our focus, our product performance is more stable; Because we are single-minded, we are more professional. Aspec Metastore provides you with professional wide temperature SSD solid state drives, which are mainly used for data storage devices in harsh and complex environments such as high temperature environment, low temperature environment, vibration environment, falling environment, corrosive environment, etc

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