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How to choose lighting fixtures for decoration

the types of lamps and lanterns commonly used at home are generally lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling lamps, etc. that meet the technical requirements of all process. Choose lamps and lanterns according to your artistic taste and living conditions. It is a machine that often has problems for the loading of universal experimental machine. Nowadays, lamps are not only meeting the needs of people's daily life, but also an important means to beautify the room and mediate the atmosphere. Here are two problems that must be understood in the process of selecting lamps:

(1) safety

when selecting lamps, we should not blindly be greedy for cheap, but first look at their quality, and check whether the warranty and certificate of conformity are complete. Sometimes the most expensive is not necessarily the best, but too cheap must be bad. Many cheap lamps are of poor quality and often have endless hidden dangers. Once a fire occurs, the consequences are unimaginable

(2) collocation

pay attention to the consistency of style in the selection of lighting. The color, shape and style of lamps and lanterns must be commensurate with the style of interior decoration and furniture, and should echo each other. Flashy lighting is not only not icing on the cake, but easy to cause the effect of painting the snake. In the choice of lamp color, in addition to matching with the indoor color tone, you can also choose according to your personal preference. In particular, the color of the lampshade plays a great role in the atmosphere

in modern home decoration, choosing appropriate switches and sockets can not only ensure the safety of electricity, but also make home decoration icing on the cake. The selection of switches and sockets in home decoration should be considered from three aspects

(3) quality

the first consideration for the selection switch and socket is the product quality. The appearance quality of products can be easily judged by looking, touching and listening. But its internal quality is generally not easy for consumers to distinguish. The materials, workmanship and internal structure of good switches and sockets are very exquisite. However, when making switches and sockets with poor quality, they are Jerry built and the internal structure is unreasonable. If the switches and sockets with poor quality are used, it will bring great hidden dangers to the safety of electricity use. Do not be careless

(4) appearance

switches are generally installed at a place 1.3m above the ground, which is easy to operate and very conspicuous. In home life, switches are perhaps the most frequently operated electrical appliances. A good switch will not only make people feel comfortable to use, but also add a "beautiful" point to home decoration. At present, the appearance of switches can be described as diverse, each with its own characteristics. Consumers can choose according to their preferences and decoration style

(5) function

in people's impression, the concept of switch is quite simple. In fact, with the development of modern electronic technology, the connotation of switch has been greatly enriched. According to the needs of people's daily activities, some internationally renowned professional manufacturers of switches and sockets have developed a number of intelligent electronic switches with distinctive characteristics and personality that can greatly improve the interest of home life by pre revising to lock the needle valve. For example, infrared induction switch, lighting scene controller and infrared remote control are the 1-control dimmer switches and Time-delay switches for various purposes among the first batch of strategic emerging industries (copper based new materials) convergence and development bases in Anhui Province

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