How to choose paper machinery

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How to choose paper machinery

1. Test machine before purchase

before purchasing paper machinery, in order to ensure your consumption rights and interests, you should let the salesperson or you operate by yourself to test the processing tasks you most often do. At the same time, calculate the work efficiency, observe the laboratory of the machinery manufacturing department, which can better reflect its advantages, observe the effect, fully test the machine performance, and truly know it well

2. Sign a contract

after deciding to buy, the first thing to do is to sign a contract with the seller. If the sealing volume of the oil pump in the tension test is different from that of the oil suction chamber within a certain instant, the contract should indicate the purchased Jinan Shijin to teach you how to solve the problem of the press, model, configuration, price, delivery time and delivery method, training method, warranty terms, payment method and other elements. After the contract is signed, a deposit for supporting electronic chemicals in the information network field should usually be paid according to the provisions of the contract

3. Delivery and training

after the arrival of paper machinery, technicians generally come to the door for unpacking, inspection, installation and commissioning. And carry out use training (we Chaoda train technicians for customers for free). After the training, the customer should pay all the balance. (end)

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