How to choose label printing equipment according t

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How to choose label printing equipment according to the market

under the current market premise, the first thing is to have a correct understanding of the market, so as to choose the appropriate label printing equipment according to the current market situation. The premise of choosing label printing equipment correctly is based on the correct understanding of the market and the correct analysis of their own product structure. Therefore, before talking about the choice of equipment, it is necessary to make some rough analysis of the current situation and prospects of the market. In recent years, from the development trend of the international market, the development trend of the label market should be two aspects: first, film labels are more and more used, especially in mold labels; Second, servo drive has become a trend

market development trend 1: film labels have become the mainstream of development E) access switching power supply, with the increasing market competition, the cost has been valued by businesses. Due to its good material characteristics, film labels are more convenient for storage and transportation in addition to the advantages of element resources; Unique ink adaptability. Make the color more bright, more suitable for UV printing; The abrasion resistance of printed products makes them more and more popular with users. More and more packaging uses the characteristics of film materials. For example, sleeve labels use film to take materials from the outermost edge, 1/2r and center of the end face of the forging riser side respectively for experimental analysis of the thermal shrinkage of the materials, and some also use transparent film materials for internal printing

as a special film label, in mold label will become the mainstream of the market. Generally speaking, only about 40% of self-adhesive labels are actually used, that is to say, 60% of materials (mainly low-base materials) will be thrown away, while only about 5% of in mold labels will be removed during die cutting, and the effective utilization rate of materials is as high as about 95%. As a user of labels, there is less cumbersome labeling procedures. Today, the cost of materials has been paid more and more attention, so the market results of market potential are clear at a glance

market development trend 2: the universal application of servo drive. The trend of market development has nothing to do with whether the equipment is servo or not, but they have an internal inevitable connection. The development of film labels has become a trend. At present, film materials are relatively expensive. How to produce as little waste as possible in printing is the first consideration of every printing enterprise, which is precisely the greatest benefit that servo drive can bring to people. Servo transmission essentially changes the traditional transmission principle. The biggest advantage is not the direct improvement of accuracy, but the saving of time and materials

generally speaking, for an advanced imported narrow wheel transfer brush machine, the material required for registration is about 80~90m. For the equipment using servo drive, the material consumed is only about 20~30m, which saves about 60m of material. The saved is the increase of net profit

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