How to choose LED headlamp products correctly

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How to correctly select LED headlights products

in recent years, the mainstream lighting sources in the automotive lighting industry are nothing more than xenon lamps and halogen lamps. However, with the development and maturity of technology, the application of LED in automotive lighting is increasing, from the initial application of automotive interior lighting to broader applications such as headlights and combined tail lamps. In recent years, LED lamps have become the first choice and standard configuration of many cars, whether joint ventures, independent brands, low-end or luxury brands. OSRAM believes that led has become a trend of lamp application

at first, ordinary consumers consciously contact LED light source products, most of which start from home when they deal with the difficulties of different users or the same user who has different needs for experimental reports in less than 1 period. Before the 21st century, household lighting was dominated by incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. As more and more consumers have enhanced their awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection and improved their quality of life, LEDs began to rise and occupy a place in household light sources after the 21st century. LED has participated in and changed all aspects of our lives. It is expected to be put into trial operation at the end of 2018, and the era of LED has come

in the field of automotive lamps, in addition to small size, high brightness, energy conservation, environmental protection and durability, led design sense and functionality are often considered more. LED light sources can cooperate with the rich shape and line changes of lamps, and can also achieve many functions that traditional light sources cannot achieve, such as achieving accurate adaptive adjustment of lamps. OSRAM, as an international top manufacturer of automotive lighting accessories, has won the trust of major mainstream automotive brands with mature LED technology and innovative solutions. The headlights system of Jaguar e-pace and Jaguar Land Rover 2018 Range Rover and Range Rover Sport adopts OSRAM smartrix matrix lighting module. OSRAM LED intelligent matrix pixel headlights can provide the driver with the best visibility, and have adaptive adjustment function, which can illuminate specific areas of the road with high beam without dazzling other road users

OSRAM smartrix module intelligent headlamp system effectively prevents dazzling drivers

with the widespread application of LED lamps and the continuous pursuit of high-quality automotive life by consumers, in addition to the original market, the market share of LED lamps in the after-sales market is also expanding. Compared with halogen headlights, which have low light output efficiency and short irradiation distance, most car owners will choose xenon headlights when upgrading their headlights. Now with the maturity of LED headlights technology, fashionable car owners with higher requirements will choose LED headlights for upgrading

now that LED headlamp technology has matured, many car owners are willing to use LED lighting equipment to improve the safety of car driving, but due to the confusion of market prices and products, they do not know how to choose LED headlamp products. To this end, OSRAM, a century old German enterprise, will soon bring two new LED headlamp products for different car owners by using its mature LED technology advantages and innovative product design and research and development - OSRAM LED flash replacement upgraded headlamp bulb and new upgraded OSRAM LED headlamp system pioneer plus

OSRAM led fast lighter replaces the upgraded headlamp bulb

OSRAM led fast lighter replaces the upgraded headlamp bulb, which is designed for car lovers. The biggest feature is that it is extremely cost-effective, and it can be installed without damage without damaging the lamps. Due to the fear of damage caused by the major change of the car, car owners who are uncertain about whether to upgrade the LED headlamps can finally upgrade the lamps at ease. OSRAM's new LED fast light replacement upgraded headlamp bulb is developed by imitating the principle of halogen lamps. The bayonet and pin are the same as halogen bulbs, and the size is also similar to halogen bulbs. It can be installed quickly in one hour; Fashionable cold white light, LED color temperature up to 6000K; The brightness can be increased by 40% *, including high-performance organic silica gel, acrylate adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, etc; The R & D, production and sales of various high-end engineering adhesives are far sighted, making driving safer; It is efficient and energy-saving, reducing the load of automobile batteries and increasing the service life

new upgrade OSRAM LED headlights system soul Xiaozhe plus

new upgrade OSRAM LED headlights system soul Xiaozhe plus is designed for car enthusiasts. Cool and fashionable black technology is the favorite of refitting enthusiasts. The newly upgraded OSRAM LED headlamp system, the soul Xiaozhe plus, has many advantages, such as hyperbolic lens, no moving baffle, no delay in the immediate response of high and low beam switching, and more reliable intelligent electronic switches; Up to 6000K cold white, high eye recognition, not easy to cause eye fatigue, and the road in front of the car is clearer; The lower beam has wider field of vision, clear cut-off line, longer light distance and uniform beam; The light distance of high beam road is brighter and longer, and the field of vision is wider and safer; Mercedes Benz and BMW "Royal" OSRAM LED lamp chips, which completely rely on independent research and development to produce LED particles, have various mature key ed technology advantages that can resist oil and corrosion; The smaller volume after upgrading can solve the problem of installation conflict of more models, and can also shorten the modification time

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