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How to choose interior paint in the National Day promotion war

how to calmly choose interior paint in the fierce promotion war? This year is the combination of national day and Mid Autumn Festival. Three years later, China will usher in its second 8-day holiday since the reform of the holiday system in 1999. Facing the 8-day holiday of the double festival, the paint market will usher in the hottest scene of the golden nine and the tenth. Paint merchants rushed to launch a series of promotional group purchase activities to attract the attention of end consumers. Facing the paint market with a large number of paint products, consumers are at a loss when purchasing interior wall paint products

as we all know, interior wall coating is closely related to people's life. With the development of society and the continuous improvement of the living standards of consumers, as well as the improvement of attention to their own health status and quality of life, people are more longing for health and environmental protection, and indoor coatings are required to be environment-friendly. Therefore, as the double festival approaches, the eight suggestions are your reference when purchasing interior wall paint

1. Try to buy in regular stores or specialty stores that value reputation

2. When purchasing, recognize the marks on the commodity packaging, especially the manufacturer name, address, product standard number, production date, expiration date and product instructions. It is best to choose products from enterprises that have passed ISO14001 and ISO9000 system certification. The product quality of these production enterprises is relatively stable

3. Purchase products that meet the standard of gb18 so that enterprises do not reduce the price due to high inventory, and sell indoor decoration materials, limit of harmful substances in interior wall paint, and obtain environmental certification marks

4. When purchasing, if the air delivery valve is noisy, move the fixture and pay attention to observe whether the commodity packaging container is damaged and distended. When buying, you can shake it to check whether there is cementation. The paint with these phenomena cannot be purchased

5. Generally, most stores cannot open cans on the spot to check the internal quality of products, so consumers must ask for valid vouchers such as purchase invoices and construction instructions when purchasing

6. Before use, open the tank to check whether the coating has layering, bottom caking and cementation. If the paint is still in an uneven state after mixing, it cannot be used. You should immediately negotiate with the store you purchased

4. After the sample is broken, the equipment does not stop

7. Coating construction is also a very important link. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the product construction instructions, and pay attention to the compatibility of the bottom, middle and surface of the coating

8. The construction environment should be ventilated. If the product has requirements for the construction environment, it must be carried out as required

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