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There are many different binding and packaging forms for album printing. Generally, the binding forms of exquisite album after printing are nothing more than the following: binding album on horseback

when binding, the page is divided into two, like a binding method that is put on the binding machine on horseback and bound into a volume with staples. Generally, when the page number is small or the thickness is about 5mm, the picture album can be bound in this way. The main varieties include magazines, periodicals, instructions, company brochures, product catalogs, etc

coil binding picture album

coil binding is a binding method that uses plastic rings or metal rings to connect the pages of the book. The common ones are the bidding documents with a relatively small number of printing, the company's annual briefing, the VIS manual, the company's documents, product catalogs or special atlas focusing on creative design

hardcover album

books and periodicals mounted on hard paper and bound with coated paper or special paper as the cover are called hardcover books. There are generally two kinds of spine: flat spine and round spine. Many high-end books and picture books with preservation value, such as yearbooks, 0.5% reference books, art picture books, commemorative picture books with carbon fiber threads wrapped around the scroll of the mechanical arm, high-end notebooks, etc., are bound in hardcover. The inner pages of philatelic books are even mounted with white cards, which is a special kind of hardcover binding

picture album bound with sewing glue

a kind of picture album and book that is bonded with hot-melt adhesive after locking the pages with binding thread. Sewing glue binding is less prone to page falling and scattering than wireless glue binding, and can be used for binding thick paper and picture books, such as art albums, general books, etc

wireless adhesive binding of picture books/books and periodicals

wireless adhesive binding is a binding method using only hot melt adhesive between the pages of books. It is generally used in books and periodicals and picture books with a cover paper weight of less than 300g/㎡ and an inner page of less than 157g/㎡. Such as periodicals and magazines, teaching textbooks, ordinary books, etc

folder type Atlas

folder type publicity materials and atlas are very flexible. Generally, paper of more than 200g/㎡ is used as the folder paper, and the inner page appears in the form of a single sheet. It is suitable for enterprises with multiple products and services, and customers are also diverse. Relevant materials can be placed on demand

in general, the binding of the album after printing is relatively simple. Generally, the main factors considered include the following aspects: the positioning and use of the album, the number of prints, the size of the folio, the paper used, whether there are special process requirements, and whether there are accessories such as CD discs. For example, as the bidding document of enterprise bidding (number (3) sometimes adopts casting structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.), enterprise image manual and disposable briefing, etc. When outer packaging is needed, it is because the album has diversity or periodical works of different types and times, such as bound edition. In order to increase the artistic weight of the album, designers often design exquisite outer packing boxes for the album. The style can be special, and the materials can also be expressed with the help of special paper or special materials. 1. The experimental machine must have three elements: a force adding device, a fixture, a force value display device and a record

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