Different kinds of hot stamping technologies used

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Printing enterprises use different kinds of hot stamping technology

lettering, hot stamping, commonly known as bronzing, has a long history in China. It refers to the words and patterns of materials such as colored foil on the first or fourth cover of the hardcover book cover and the back of the book, or various convex and concave book titles or patterns are stamped by hot pressing. Nowadays, many fast printing enterprises are also using different kinds of hot stamping technology

cold hot stamping: it is unnecessary to use heated metal plates, Instead, the method of ink "by 2025> printing adhesive is used to transfer metal foil. The cold hot stamping process is a promising new process with low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency.

concave convex hot stamping (also known as three-dimensional hot stamping) : Modern engraving technology is used to make up and down matching female and male molds. The hot stamping and embossing processes are completed at one time, which improves the production efficiency. The molds made by electric engraving can have curved surface transition, which can achieve the three-dimensional relief effect that is difficult to be achieved by other molds made by general corrosion method. The emergence of concave convex hot stamping makes the hot stamping and embossing process complete at the same time, reducing the process and waste products caused by inaccurate overprinting

holographic identification: computer technology is used to change the amplitude and frequency of the grating, so that its effect is more bright and clear than that of the two lithium-ion battery production lines built by the calculated company. If this holographic mark is used as the copy of the original, a large number of holograms will be lost, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. According to the characteristics of hologram hot stamping logo, it can be divided into continuous pendulum → hanging pendulum holographic logo hot stamping and independent holographic logo hot stamping. Continuous holographic identification hot stamping is a new generation product of ordinary laser holographic hot stamping. Independent holographic logo hot stamping is to make the holographic logo on electrochemical aluminum into independent trademark patterns, and there are alignment marks next to each pattern

holographic identification can not only have very good anti-counterfeiting performance, but also include special numbers or words in the holographic identification according to customers' needs. Holographic logo hot stamping on the packaging ink "> carton, not only to the holographic logo hot stamping on the surface of the substrate, but also has a very high overprint accuracy, which is more and more widely used in high-end carton packaging

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