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With the development of the times and the progress of productivity, packaging has not only the function of protection, but also other functions, such as portability, storage, aesthetics, etc. Packaging design often includes visual communication, morphological structure, overall effect and engineering design of packaging. Product packaging design is a work of comprehensive graphic and modeling design, and the design idea is often completed in the continuous adjustment and change between two-dimensional and three-dimensional. The information society characterized by computers and networks has changed the way people live and the way designers work. The form and connotation of design are changing

digital design means of product packaging design

digital technology is introduced into the packaging design process, and the visual communication, morphological structure, overall effect and subsequent engineering design of packaging are supported by computer-aided design software. In the computer virtual space, the designer's acceptance is carried out at the ordering party, which can integrate the graphic design and modeling design, making the three-dimensional solid model easier to reflect the designer's design intention, and its visual effect has a sense of reality that can be completely comparable to the real packaging samples

the combination of plane software and three-dimensional solid modeling software in the practice of packaging design

in the practice of packaging design, the design process is often designed in the way of the combination of two-dimensional plane design and three-dimensional modeling design. The general steps of three-dimensional visualization generation of product packaging digital design are as follows: first, the sketch scheme is designed by using plane software, and the packaging structure is designed and modeled by using three-dimensional software; Then, the mapping is made, the model material is given in the three-dimensional software, and the mapping is assigned to the corresponding structural plane after years of technical difficulties; Adjust the output angle of the rendering and render the output; Evaluate and modify the design of the scheme. Finally, the engineering design of the design draft is carried out to determine the structural size and process


the structure and form of packaging are becoming more and more diversified. Designers must have advanced means to quickly, conveniently and accurately design the packaging products needed by the market. The advantages of digital design means of packaging design are as follows: design innovation can adopt electronic universal material experimental system and hydraulic universal material experimental system to test steel wire rope, which makes the space more flexible and open; The materials and equipment used in the design are more simplified; The exchange of design data makes designers cooperate more closely; The change and modification of the design are simple, and how can the serial testing machine correctly use the design more conveniently; Design expression is simpler and performance quality is higher; Higher design efficiency; The generation of drawings is simpler and more accurate; Information transmission is faster. In addition to improving design creativity, designers also need to constantly learn and use a variety of digital design methods

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