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Differences in tea packaging between North and South tea markets

in China, the South and North are the simplest geographical division without shear tests. Due to the obvious differences in climate, customs, cultural living environment and economic background, there are also great differences between southerners and northerners in tea tasting and packaging aesthetics

in this survey, the different aesthetic requirements of the South and the north on tea packaging were jointly completed by Professor xujuelin of the Business School of Huaqiao University, Gao Jindian, vice president of Anxi tea association, and Ms. Huang Yonghong, guest representative and chairman of Quanzhou Xinxiang tea industry company. We hereby express our special thanks. Survey 1:

northerners like atmospheric packaging

northerners like Anxi Tieguanyin and like to give this tea as a gift tea. Like the atmosphere of packaging, and their aesthetic appeal, mainly reflected in the packaging specifications, packaging color selection, and texture preferences

specifications: I prefer one jin or half Jin, and vacuum packaging is still required; Packing boxes, cans, and bags prefer larger sizes. In short, they prefer those with slightly larger sizes

color: most people like gold or bright red, especially packaging boxes and bags. It should be reminded that due to the limited level of drinking, they pay special attention to the brewing method and drinking method, which should be clearly marked on the inner and outer packaging

texture: paper bags are mostly used for outer packaging, and wooden boxes and aluminum alloy boxes are also acceptable. Pay attention to the smell of pigments in the inner packaging bag. Don't use inferior pigments, otherwise they will be regarded as fake goods and expelled from the tea market to cause trouble

suggestion: if there is a large customer base in the northern market, or if you intend to create popularity in a certain region, it is recommended to print the scenic spots where you are located to show your closeness. As a tea ceremony, it is said to be more popular

survey 2:

southerners prefer delicate packaging

southerners are meticulous and rich in feelings, and pay attention to refinement of goods, especially food, as well as the general aesthetic orientation of tea packaging

the difference between southerners and northerners is that southerners have better economic conditions, have a higher level of drinking of Anxi Tieguanyin, and pay more attention to the quality of tea. At the same time, they also have personality in external and internal packaging to avoid the requirements of crushing caused by weight falling. They hope to be atmospheric without distortion, exquisite and stingy

specification: generally, 7g is packed in small bags, which just meets the requirement of brewing once in a small bag. At present, small packaging bags have been popular with small food cleaning film bags, that is, double bags really include 280 mu of cotton, 820 mu of corn, 200 mu of beets, 200 mu of potatoes, 200 mu of pumpkins and 5 mu of tomatoes

for small bags, it is generally required to repack them face-to-face and put them into the refrigerator for freezing after buying them back. For cans and boxes, unless special high-grade tea, wooden boxes and tin cans are generally not required, but iron cans (square, square, cylindrical) are used. It is required that the product name should be printed with the same size of packaging

color: southerners, especially people in Fujian Province, generally like green, dark green and gold, which are used as gift tea and industrialization on festivals, and some like bright red and jujube red

the reason why people in the south like green is that they attach great importance to the natural health attributes of tea, and the color of tea soup is green, yellow and yellow green. Therefore, both buyers and sellers have this psychological hint, so the color of green packaging is more popular

texture: southerners basically prefer natural and tasteless texture for tea packaging materials. For example, the paper bag is generally the most common requirement for the outer packaging, and the texture of the inner box and the inner can is generally required to be an iron can or carton, while the small bag packaging has tended to be double-layered, requiring that it will not harden and change its flavor when frozen at minus 18 ℃

suggestions: Take Quanzhou, Xiamen and Fuzhou tea markets as examples. In this two sections, it is recommended to use green or gold outer packaging bags. The decoration should respond to ecological, cultural and health themes, and the pattern can be tea mountain or cultural landscape. Some people also like the packaging of red and rhubarb

generally, people in Southern Fujian have the habit of changing new tea sets in the new year. It is recommended to give free tea sets or tie-in tea sets, which can play a better promotional effect

it is understood that after March this year, various geological supervision departments will carry out QS certification inspection on the tea market. Therefore, tea enterprises that have not obtained QS certification should print and package appropriately. After obtaining QS after two sessions, this content should be added to the label content. At that time, it should be more cost-effective to order a large number of printed packaging materials

It is understood that there are more than 20 tea packaging enterprises in Anxi. Its basic operation procedure is to accept the entrustment of tea enterprises to design and print, and the basic way of design work is that the tea enterprises provide information and intention, the manufacturing enterprises hand it over to the computer design shop for completion, and print after confirmation

from this process, the content of tea enterprises' self-designed packaging is less. It is suggested that in the future, tea enterprises should fully study the cultural positioning of their own brands, put forward design requirements in combination with factors such as market and consumer preferences, and printing and packaging enterprises should also increase design strength and improve the level of independent design

at present, judging from the two tea packaging requirements, the printing of tea packaging materials in the northern market has been done well to reflect the atmospheric requirements, while there are not many new packaging materials designed to meet the southern market, especially the local market. We should strengthen communication with the market, grasp information at any time, and actively integrate into the front line of the tea market, which is more constructive for the whole packaging industry

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