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Differentiated marketing of B2B e-commerce

just as small and medium-sized enterprises have taken B2B e-commerce as a means to go beyond the traditional marketing, all kinds of B2B stations in China are also trying their best to promote their own models. Wang Shutong and Lin Juanru, two female representatives of the Internet, have killed the core of e-commerce in different ways. Perhaps because of their keen gender intuition, the two women found the difference in the B2B model and proved that Alibaba and its delineated model could not cover all the imagination of B2B e-commerce in China

replace supply and purchase intermediaries with business community services

"I never intended to do the same thing as Alibaba." Lin Juanru, general manager of "a large number of" stations, told me

this e-commerce station with a strange name does have its peculiarities. If you log in to "a large number of" stations, you can't see the supply and purchase information that most B2B stations will have. Instead, you will see various industry information, as well as expert views and various types of thematic analysis. This is exactly one of the services provided by Lin Juanru

"'a large number 'did not want to be a B2B trading platform from the beginning, but tried to be a business community where small and medium-sized enterprises can find peers, upstream and downstream manufacturers, industry experts, and get corresponding services when needed." Lin juanlu's explanation deviates from the inherent impression of B2B e-commerce in people's minds

"domestic B2B e-commerce stations have been narrowly defined as business opportunity platforms that simply supply and purchase. In fact, B2B has a broader definition and more diversified models." Lin Juanru said

in her view, the survival needs of small and medium-sized enterprises are not only the pressure of not getting orders, but also the difficulties they face are multifaceted. This includes the pressure of financing and management. The problems faced by these management aspects cannot be solved and satisfied by the B2B of the supply and demand business opportunity trading platform

Lin juanlu gave an example, "the economic situation is not good, and many small and medium-sized enterprise bosses will face a problem, whether to give year-end bonuses. This is a very real key problem, which can only be solved through experience sharing, but the traditional B2B stations in our impression can't give a clear answer"

it's easy for you to learn to use the wear resistance testing machine. In a sense, Lin Juan's B2B model marketing is industry consulting, information and management concepts. Or through these to attract small and medium-sized enterprises to try to provide various charged information-based additional services. This is a very clever way to avoid the danger of being in contact with other e-commerce giants

draw commissions from the transaction volume instead of charging membership fees

if Lin juanlu's B2B model is a bit of a detour, then another beautiful CEO Wang Shutong's B2B model is a straightforward and direct way to deal with Huanglong

like Alibaba, Wang Shutong's Dunhuang is also an e-commerce trading platform, but the most essential difference between Wang Shutong's Dunhuang and other B2B e-commerce platforms including Alibaba is to realize transactions and extract commissions from the transaction volume, which is quite different from Alibaba's B2B model of charging membership fees

the fact that Wang Shutong dares to do so is that he defines his customers very accurately - "those who are new energy vehicles abroad"; Heart rdquo; "Small B" customers place orders, and domestic "small B" suppliers complete the transaction. To put it bluntly, Wang Shutong's B2B model therefore delineates small-scale enterprises and small order amounts. The advantage of this is that the enterprise can complete the transaction in a one-stop manner, without the need to be like bulk trading. If you don't send a salesperson to actually check and communicate, you won't be at ease at all, and the transaction will finally be completed

for Wang Shutong, this does not only mean that he can extract commissions from transactions, but more importantly, it proves that this model can survive in China's soil

in order to win more business in the cold economic winter, Wang Shutong's strategy is becoming more and more flexible. It specially launched the value-added service mode for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Enterprises can choose either the membership fee mode or the transaction commission extraction mode - it all depends on which way they think is cost-effective

this is definitely a business strategy of killing two birds with one stone. It can not only bring traditional production-oriented enterprises into the scope of their customers, but also expand the scope of transactions to large businesses. Such a flexible approach may give Alibaba a headache

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