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Vertical pipeline pumps with different transmission media have different classifications

vertical pipeline pumps are a kind of centrifugal pumps. Because their inlet and outlet are in the same straight line, and their inlet and outlet diameters are the same, they resemble a section of pipeline and can be installed at any position of the pipeline, so they are called pipeline pumps (also known as booster pumps). Structural features of this pipeline pump: it is a single suction single-stage centrifugal pump with the same inlet and outlet, and there are two kinds of vertical structure and horizontal structure

vertical pipeline pump is also a pump that is convenient to install on the pipeline. The inlet and outlet of the vertical pipeline pump are on the same horizontal line, so it can be put into use only by docking with the inlet and outlet pipeline flanges

vertical pipeline pumps are distinguished according to the transmission medium. The vertical pipeline pumps that transmit clean water are ISG vertical pipeline pumps or vertical multistage vertical pipeline pumps, and the transmission medium is chemical liquid. Fluoroplastic vertical pipeline pumps, stainless steel vertical pipeline pumps or magnetic vertical pipeline pumps can be selected

isg vertical pipeline pump is a vertical pipeline pump product that is optimized and designed on the basis of SG vertical pipeline pump. At present, it is widely used in the market. The motor support is added to prevent the motor from burning out due to water inflow after the vertical pipe pump leaks. The vertical pipeline pump has a wide range of applications. It can transport any medium similar to clean water. The high-temperature mechanical seal can transport hot water with a temperature of less than 120 degrees as a hot water pump. If the transmission medium is higher, it can also be made into a high-temperature vertical pipeline pump with cold water cooling circulation. It can be used within 220 degrees. The explosion-proof vertical pipeline pump with explosion-proof motor and copper impeller can also transport gasoline and diesel oil, The lead screw and nut made of stainless steel are used as performance parts. The stainless steel vertical pipeline pump can also transport corrosive media

the main characteristics of the vertical multi-stage pipeline pump are small flow and high head. There are multiple impellers pressurizing outward one stage at a time, which has the characteristics of high head. At present, the multi-stage vertical pipeline pump with large consumption adopts the product made of stamping technology, and the price and cost are more cost-effective than GDL multi-stage vertical pipeline pump. It is a product of good quality and low price, and the energy-saving effect of the product is more obvious, It is a multi-stage vertical pipeline pump product worthy of promotion and application

the application scope and wide range of vertical multi-stage pipeline pumps can be used with water pipeline pressurization, domestic water supply, high-rise building water supply, fire pipeline pressurization, boiler hot water circulation, etc. stainless steel multi-stage vertical pipeline pumps can transport weak corrosive media

fluoroplastic vertical pipeline pump is mainly used to transport some highly corrosive chemical acid media. The mechanical seal can be ordinary. This series of experimental machines are mainly used for various combinations of mechanical seals and mechanical seals of steel strand type and particle resistant type. The wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant effect is particularly good. Fluoroplastic vertical pipeline pump is mainly used to transport media with a temperature of -85 ℃ - +120 ℃. No matter how high the temperature is, it can be customized, Fluoroplastic vertical pipeline pump can transport various concentrations of acid, alkali, oxidant or other corrosive media for a long time

the magnetic vertical pipeline pump is mainly used to transport some chemical liquids with volatility and no leakage in the chemical industry. The magnetic vertical pipeline pump features the same design features of non sealing structure as the shielded vertical pipeline pump, and it will not leak after the mechanical seal is damaged as the common vertical pipeline pump, Magnetic vertical pipeline pump plays an important role in conveying some rare and valuable media. The effect of explosion-proof magnetic vertical pipeline pump with explosion-proof motor in conveying flammable and explosive liquids is also very safe and reliable

main uses of vertical pipeline pump:

vertical pipeline pump is mainly applicable to high-rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, pipeline pressurization, cold and hot water circulation, transportation of flammable and explosive liquids and corrosive liquids, as well as various boilers, water supply, HVAC, chemical industry and petroleum pipeline equipment. 5. In terms of experimental items

(1) cold water pipeline booster pump is suitable for pressurized water supply of high-rise buildings, garden sprinkler irrigation, cooling tower water supply, long-distance water transmission, refrigeration washing, bathroom and other cold and warm water circulation pressurization. The service temperature is below 80 ℃

(2) hot water pipeline pump is suitable for pressurized circulation of high-temperature hot water in greenhouse, boiler and other industries. The service temperature is below 140 ℃

(3) the corrosion-resistant pipeline pump is a stainless steel pipeline pump for conveying corrosive media, which is applicable to the industry of food, pharmaceutical, brewing, chemical and other industries, and is used in the door panel process of the production of automobile cockpit. The service temperature is below 100 ℃

(4) explosion proof pipeline pump is applicable to the transportation of non corrosive flammable and explosive liquids of petroleum and chemical liquids. The service temperature is below 80 ℃

(5) anti corrosion and explosion-proof pipeline pump is applicable to the transportation of corrosive flammable and explosive liquids such as chemical and chemical liquids. The service temperature is below 120 ℃

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