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The differential thinking of Unicom electronic channel

electronic channel is a new self-service service channel produced to meet the real-time service needs of customers. Customers can order products, inquire and handle business by themselves with the help of terminal equipment. The electronic channels of China Unicom include all kinds of electronic business halls such as upper business hall, business hall, SMS business hall, business hall, self-service terminal, as well as mobile Internet applications such as public platforms. These electronic channels are gradually becoming the main channels for telecom operators to sell services. In the era of 4G and mobile Internet, electronic channels are the company's low-cost and efficient means of differentiated competition, and an important carrier to promote the transformation of the company's marketing, service and operation management mode. According to the interconnection law, our company produces experimental machines with strict quality. China Unicom took the lead in adopting the construction mode of primary structure in the industry, forming a certain differentiation advantage

differentiated development of electronic channels

in October 2008, China Unicom's upper business hall was officially put into operation. After several years of development, the electronic channel has been constantly enriched and improved. Now it has become an electronic channel system with mobile Internet as the core and covering a variety of access means. It provides business publicity, product sales, business handling, recharge and payment, services, etc. for individual customers, group customers, small and medium-sized agents and other groups. The types of carrying businesses are constantly enriched, and more than 400 functions have been realized, and the main businesses have been handled on the Internet

thanks to the advantages of low cost, wide coverage and convenience, China Unicom's electronic channel has entered a period of rapid development, and various indicators have increased rapidly. The average number of daily services has increased from 500000 in 2008 to 60million at present; The annual trading volume increased from 4billion yuan in 2009 to 92billion yuan in 2015; The number of sales orders reached 3million at the end of 2015, and the service volume of electronic channels accounted for 73% at the end of 2015. The electronic channel has developed from the initial auxiliary channel to the company's main 4G service channel and stock operation channel, changing from service diversion and cost reduction to customer operation and value-added

Unicom has positioned the electronic channel as a differentiated means of competition, focusing on three aspects of differentiation, namely product differentiation, sales differentiation and service differentiation

product differentiation refers to the design of mobile Internet exclusive products, precision marketing and maintenance for users who prefer electronic channels through big data analysis. According to the overall deployment of the company's 4G development, the user group is subdivided, and 4G combined products and 4G shared products are launched successively. Users can customize combinations according to their own needs, and formulate hundreds of meal combinations including exclusive packages, traffic packages, voice/video call packages, color/SMS packages, and value-added service packages

the focus of sales differentiation is to optimize the structure of traffic sources, multi contact precise drainage and marketing, strengthen the transformation from traffic to orders, and improve product sales through Internet marketing strategies, focusing on traffic management

service differentiation refers to taking advantage of the convenience, all-weather and high efficiency of electronic channels to transfer standardized product sales functions such as payment and handling basic business from physical business offices to electronic channels as far as possible, so as to reduce users' counter hours and reduce the service pressure and service cost of the front desk of the business office. In the era of mobile Internet, customers need more open, intelligent and active services. Through the coordination and integrated operation of multi-channel customer service, services can be extended wherever customers are

o2o integrated innovation

in order to adapt to the development of mobile Internet, accelerate the transformation of the company's business model, and promote the reduction of sales costs, China Unicom electronic channel has promoted o2o integrated innovation around the requirements of online and offline integration, and given full play to the advantages of channel synergy. It has successively launched tools such as online shopping, e-store, and air access, and promoted the drainage of offline channels to online, with more than 800000 sales orders, By the end of 2015, the interconnection of all channels had achieved initial results

through the construction of e-wo store, online shopping, small and medium-sized enterprise special area system, it provides online e-commerce sales tools for offline channels such as customer collection department and business hall, and moves its traditional building sweeping and street sweeping, on-site office marketing methods to the upper, upper, and OA according to the strength limit of low carbon steel and the cross-sectional area of the specimen, which greatly improves the marketing ability of offline channels

code to buy (o2m) is the abbreviation of offline to mobile. Online shopping is the digitalization and interconnection of physical stores and sales products, the extension of acceptance capacity to mobile interconnection, and online and offline channel collaboration. Through online and offline complementarity, it solves the problem of insufficient product categories and inventory, gives users a better offline experience, and improves the acceptance capacity of the business hall

e-wo store uses the sales service means of e-commerce to change the channel mode of group customers, provides group customers with one-to-one exclusive business hall, sells their exclusive products and numbers, realizes the interconnected sales service of group customers, one enterprise, one store on the first floor, one school and one store, penetrates the sales service means of e-commerce into the sales of group customer channels, expands marketing opportunities and reduces service costs, The e-commerce production center provides efficient delivery and service, realizes the operation mode of separating sales and delivery, enables the customer manager to focus more on sales, makes each link operate professionally, and improves the overall work efficiency

unlike traditional networking alliances, Waupaca alliance emphasizes community alliances. According to the characteristics of young groups that pay attention to social networking and social practice, it builds community alliances belonging to young people through forum sharing and circle marketing. The goal of Waupaca is to build a marketing promotion platform where everyone is an agent, and establish a new win-win Internet model for operators, personal agents, capital platforms and other parties. Through the construction of a national unified system platform, formulate a national unified revenue distribution policy, discuss a national unified fund platform, and create a business model with high revenue, fast cash withdrawal, and fast and convenient operation

future planning of electronic channels

focusing on the channel strategy of highlighting self owned, transformation and development and o2o integration, China Unicom will increase the proportion of electronic channel revenue and services. Electronic channel is the main channel for the operation of stock users and an important channel for new revenue and new users

in the management of stock users, seek breakthroughs through differentiation methods, classify stock users based on big data, use rigid and group marketing methods, multi contact precise drainage, and provide targeted products and services; In terms of increasing the proportion of services, we should take the business hall as the core, create a social shopping platform, improve the function bearing, improve the whole process service experience, and focus on the service support of broadband and integrated business, and improve the function bearing of broadband installation, disassembly, removal and repair. Carry out differentiated marketing services, create a personalized, convenient and accurate new service experience, optimize the whole process experience, and improve interaction friendliness. In terms of o2o integration, we should promote the transformation and development of channels, fully infiltrate e e-commerce into every field of the enterprise, make full use of Internet thinking and means, improve marketing service ability and management level, and focus on the integration of system support ability, do a good job in integrated process design, platform coordination, target system, benefit coordination, and create the ultimate user experience

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