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Abstract: Agricultural Mechanization is not easy to say love you. It needs to overcome all kinds of difficulties. Large agricultural machinery is often tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Although there are subsidies, ordinary farmers can't take such a sum of money at once, and there are no other financing channels, so they can only look at the machine and sigh

in Hetao area, agricultural mechanization generally refers to the large-scale agricultural machinery, and serialization. Because small four-wheel vehicles, seeders and so on were popularized more than a decade ago, they are suitable for decentralized management of families, and their efficiency is not high, and they cannot form a scale. The Agricultural Mechanization in this paper refers to that the agricultural machinery power is 30 Ma, and the company still shows the development state of a high-tech enterprise taking off against the market. The large and medium-sized agricultural machinery and tools with more than power, high efficiency and high degree of modernization can generally enjoy the national agricultural machinery subsidies. Even if so, agricultural mechanization is not easy

first, it is difficult to buy. There are tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of large agricultural machinery. Although there are subsidies, ordinary farmers can't take such a sum of money at once, and there are no other financing channels, so they can only look at the machine and sigh. Due to our national factor 5: the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of electronic tension machine, the purchase of agricultural machinery adopts the method of one-time payment, which leads to many farmers' interest in buying and lack of ability to buy. It is suggested that the purchase of agricultural machinery should be carried out in the same way as the purchase of automobiles, and agricultural machinery subsidies should be given, which will certainly promote the sales of agricultural machinery

second, it is difficult to use. Hetao area is a self flowing Yellow River irrigation area. In order to save water, the government has been vigorously promoting flat land shrinkage, which is to divide a large area of land into small blocks of about one mu, which is conducive to rapid water flow, so as to achieve the purpose of water saving. In this way, for a small plot of about one mu, large agricultural machinery can't be used at all, and it can't be turned around, or it is easy to crush the crops of the next door, which is more troublesome. In recent years, this phenomenon has improved slightly. Now it seems that in order to realize the modernization and large-scale of agricultural machinery, we should take the road of land intensive management and the road of cooperatives. The way of small-scale operation of a family is increasingly unable to keep up with the pace of the times First, it needs the guidance of the government; second, it needs the ideological understanding of farmers to keep up; third, it needs to get benefits and earn money

third, it is difficult to operate. After buying large-scale agricultural machinery, many farmers often put it into use without training and learning in order to make money. As a result, the machine will not be operated and damaged, or it will operate slowly, reduce efficiency, and even have an accident For example, in the autumn of 2015, a villager of our unit borrowed a loan to buy a corn combine harvester. He forgot to put down his shovel when he was working, and hit a high-voltage line in the field. After the fire, the car was destroyed and people were killed, causing a tragedy

what's more, the time of using agricultural machinery is very short. The computer will continuously collect all kinds of experimental data for only one month. During this period, agricultural machinery breaks down. Because the rural land is far away from the city, the maintenance can't keep up with it. It is often delayed. It is suggested that agricultural machinery dealers should allocate more after-sales personnel in the busy agricultural season to strengthen after-sales service, so that the majority of buyers can buy machines without worry

the last is vicious competition. In the autumn of 2015, the number of times a cooperative went to determine the life of the village I Bao advertised, saying that they had state subsidies and the price was half of the normal price. They signed a contract with farmers. In order to be cheap, the farmers signed the contract. As a result, it was the harvest season. They signed too many contracts and were too busy. They almost missed the farming time, so they had to hire machines to harvest at the normal price. Seriously missed the agricultural season, but also affect the income of other agricultural machinery households

this is agricultural mechanization. It is not easy to say love you. To overcome these difficulties, the government should first strengthen guidance, strengthen supervision, and provide effective services. Farmers should also strive to change themselves to adapt to the new era, or join cooperatives, improve their income, and become rich as soon as possible

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