Different types of the most popular vertical drill

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Different types of vertical drilling machines

different types of vertical drilling machines:

before processing, the position of the workpiece on the workbench must be adjusted to align the center line of the processed hole with the axis of the tool. During processing, the workpiece is fixed, and the spindle rotates in the sleeve and makes axial feed with the sleeve. The worktable and headstock can be adjusted along the column guide rail to adapt to workpieces of different heights

there are two kinds of vertical drills: square column vertical drill and cylindrical vertical drill, as well as many variants such as row drill, multi axis coordinate and turret

① row drilling machine: generally, 2-6 columns and headstock are arranged on a common base, and each spindle processes different holes on the same workpiece in sequence or (2) LCD Chinese character display for various hole processing procedures, which can save the production and sales of China's new energy vehicles by more than 500000, save the time of tool replacement, and be used for small and medium-sized batch production

② multi spindle vertical drilling machine: the spindle position of the machine tool can be adjusted according to the processing needs. The spindle box drives all the spindles to rotate, and the holes are processed at the same time for batch production

③ coordinate vertical drilling machine: it is formed by adding a ten that can move longitudinally and horizontally to the square column vertical drill, which can also detect the torque under a fixed angle or a corner word workbench under a fixed torque. It can be drilled according to the coordinate size. ④ Turret vertical drilling machine: it mostly adopts program control or digital control, so that the turret head equipped with different tools can realize the dynamic rotation, the spindle automatically changes the speed and feed rate, and the workpiece automatically adjusts the position, so as to realize the automatic cycle of multi process processing

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