Difficulties faced by the hottest packaging indust

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Difficult problems faced by the packaging industry

the packaging industry currently faces many key hot and difficult problems. These problems can be summed up as low enterprise efficiency, weak product market competitiveness and lack of new economic growth points. To solve these problems, we should not only correctly implement the principles and policies formulated by the party and the state and promote the deepening of reform, but also vigorously do a good job in technological innovation, and truly establish an enterprise's own innovation mechanism with institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions, technical supervision, quality inspection stations and other departments, and establish a firm belief in innovation for survival and development. We must clearly realize that in the future development, due to the constraints of national conditions and resources, The packaging industry simply pursues this calculation to seek the expansion of scale and quantity is doomed to have no way out. We must take the road of technological innovation, actively use high-tech achievements, and vigorously improve the technical content of packaging products. In the past decade, the combination of laser holographic anti-counterfeiting technology and traditional printing technology has produced new anti-counterfeiting packaging materials, which have been successfully applied in the packaging industry. A new anti-counterfeiting and packaging printing industry, which integrates anti-counterfeiting and packaging, has emerged, increasing the technical content of packaging products, promoting the upgrading of the traditional packaging and printing industry, and becoming a new economic growth point of the packaging and printing industry. Relevant foreign companies and focus on the center of vision (most of the research microscopes you can use must do this. Manufacturers are flocking to seize the domestic market. This technology involves many disciplines such as machinery, electronics, optics, chemistry and information science. The technology is highly difficult. How to master this technology as soon as possible is a problem worthy of attention and attention. Packaging and anti-counterfeiting benefit from the packaging and printing of shadow products throughout all aspects of human life every year It creates huge output value, provides a large number of employment opportunities, and has great market development potential. The anti-counterfeiting of products is the artistic charm of the high-performance and high-resolution laser dot matrix holographic equipment put into use in the laser hologram before the manufacturers and the national government. In addition, the current use of high-performance and high-resolution laser dot matrix holographic equipment, the increasingly perfect technology of hiding information in the laser hologram and interpreting it with the machine identification system, and the use of other types of comprehensive anti-counterfeiting ideas in the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting pattern have increasingly proved to be effective, which is a problem that the Ministry of modern science and technology attaches great importance to. As the counterfeiting of products is a profitable business, coupled with the increasing global economic integration and the rapid development of international trade, the proliferation of counterfeit products has been promoted. Not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries, counterfeiting activities are very rampant

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