High prosperity of construction machinery under th

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High prosperity of construction machinery under indemnificatory housing

Guide: industry rating: maintain buying maintain machinery buying rating. High prosperity of construction machinery; High speed rail, aerospace, military industry, agricultural machinery, water conservancy, energy conservation and environmental protection equipment are booming. The boom of coal machinery continued. Transfer hangchi Qianjin into the large market value portfolio of the portfolio (Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, China...

industry rating: maintain the "buy"

maintain the "buy" rating of machinery. Construction machinery is in high prosperity; high-speed rail, aerospace, military agricultural machinery and water conservancy, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment are in good prosperity. The boom of coal machinery continues.

transfer hangchi Qianjin into the portfolio

large market value portfolio (Zoomlion, Sany Heavy Industry, China heavy industry, CSR, Tiandi Technology); Small market value selection (Zhongding Co., Ltd., Leo Co., Ltd., Xiagong Co., Ltd., Xinzhu Co., Ltd., hangchi Qianjin); Small market value portfolio (Zhongding Co., Ltd., Xinzhu Co., Ltd., Boshen tools, Leo Co., Ltd., St gaotao, Xiamen Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd., Dongli transmission Co., Ltd. and hangchi Qianjin). They are optimistic about Zoomlion and sany

increase the profit forecast of Sany Heavy Industry and Xiamen Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

increase the EPS of Sany Heavy Industry from 2011 to 2012 to 2.2/2.7 yuan, increase the target price by 35 yuan, and maintain the "buy" rating (the building materials industry should be more aware that the development of new materials will complement each other's strengths, adjust the structure, increase effective supply, and accelerate the transformation and development of the building materials industry through e-mail). In the future, the profit forecast of XCMG will be raised

continue to be optimistic about the construction machinery, high-speed rail, aerospace, military industry and water conservancy equipment sectors.

the aerospace industry is another industry in which China has obtained potential competitive advantages in the world, and the boom continues to improve; The prosperity of high-speed rail, military industry and water conservancy equipment is improving. Coal machinery will grow steadily in the next five years, and we are optimistic about Tiandi technology

in the medium term, the performance of construction machinery exceeded expectations due to the increase in product penetration, import substitution, export and self-made parts and components; In the short term, affordable housing increased significantly, and investment in water conservancy construction continued the boom in construction machinery

the central bank continued to tighten: the deposit reserve ratio was raised by 0.5% and the continuous tightening had an adverse impact on fixed asset investment and construction machinery. However, we believe that the main driving factors supporting the prosperity of construction machinery have not changed, and we are still optimistic

research and report have been made last week

research and report: Zoomlion, maintaining its buy rating, raised its profit forecast and target price

research on Xiamen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.: maintain the "buy" rating, raise the profit forecast and objectives. This paper mainly teaches the experimental principle and characteristic standard price of cupping machine

the investigated materials meet the cable utilization requirements of 110kV voltage level; A boron carbide based protective material was developed: Zoomlion. Important tips on the application of mechanical equipment such as levers: under regional tensions and the great development of the Navy, aircraft carriers and ships are the theme opportunities

latest attention: Hangzhou gear forward -- optimistic about the opportunities under new business expansion and profit improvement

risk tips

inflation exceeded expectations, resulting in monetary tightening and lower than expected affordable housing. GF Securities Co., Ltd

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