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The manufacturers of tooth shaped parts and bevel gears are often looking for a technical solution that can replace the traditional processing technology. Heller and Voith have developed a processing technology that can improve the efficiency of rough milling and gear milling

at present, some manufacturers of five axis machining centers pay high attention to gear milling. Obviously, it is necessary to use the capabilities of the existing five axis machining centers to expand other applications beyond the traditional application fields of machining centers. Heller company, a machine tool manufacturer located in n ü rting region, is also following this path. The company introduced the new F series products in the autumn of 2009 to further study the five axis machining technology. For gear milling, Heller believes that compared with the high-performance mch-c five axis machining center on the market, F series can provide excellent processing opportunities in terms of product capability and product range

special software carries out modeling analysis on the gear

finally, together with Voith company, figure 1:12mm long mixed long glass and carbon fiber composite particles jointly study this project and realize a new process in this field. While "traditional" processing enterprises are still using special machine tools and special tools to process tooth shaped parts, the manufacturers of machining centers have begun to carry out modeling analysis on tooth shaped parts through special software in addition to other kinds of overall processing on the machining centers. On the basis of mathematical calculus, an ideal geometric shape can be generated and a cad/cam program can be derived from it. The traditional gear milling machine tool is only based on a machine structure and a corresponding kinematic mechanism. Input the adjustment parameters to the machine tool equipment, and the corresponding tooth profile can be obtained

Heller believes that even though the new process is similar to the roll milling process in some aspects, it is not the same thing: the cutting parameters are directly input into the equipment control system from the drawing, and the five axis tracks of rough machining and finishing machining are generated in real time. Therefore, people do not need an accurate mathematical 3D shape model, but based on the cutting data already determined on the drawing in advance. The calibration data is fed back from the measuring equipment and directly input and processed through the equipment control system

Figure 1 in cooperation with Sandvik Coromant, a suitable can milling head with blades has been developed

as mentioned above, another advantage of this process is that the real-time data (such as tool wear) of the tool during the machining process is also input together. This is very good for machining accuracy. In addition to the machining process of tooth slots, Heller company can also perform rough milling on blank parts. That is to say, during the first clamping of the tooling, the internal and external contours are roughened as a whole, and the tooth profile is milled during the second clamping process. In this regard, the company has specially developed some applicable NC cycles to achieve simple control of the process flow. Thus, the overall processing of the workpiece can be completed with only one machine tool

Heller has been engaged in the processing field with large cutting volume, so it is willing to keep up with the times in tooth profile milling. Heller company introduced that the reason why it wants to cooperate with Sandvik Coromant company to develop a can shaped milling head suitable for tooth milling process, that is, a hobbing cutter, is that the production efficiency of the whole new processing process is at least three times higher than that of the traditional process (Fig. 1, 2, 3). That is, the larger the tooth space, the higher the production efficiency. Of course, this production efficiency is also closely related to the static and dynamic stability of machine tools and equipment to a large extent. The compact tooling fixture is an important prerequisite, that is, the pallet fixture is very close to the upper edge of the pallet, so as to clamp the gear or bevel gear as deeply as possible. In addition, very strong spindles, structural parts with strong rigidity and tools with few exposed parts are used, which can meet the requirements of rough machining process

Figure 2 the new process adopts a suitable can milling head with a blade, which is three times higher than the production efficiency of the traditional process.

the new process is a technical approach with high production capacity. Heller believes that this technology can be applied to the processing of workpieces with modulus above 4, that is, for example, for FP 2000 small five axis machining center, the diameter of workpieces that can be processed is less than 720mm; For FP 4000 large five axis machining center, the workpiece diameter that can be machined is less than 900mm; For mch-c type machining center with HSK 100 tool handle, the workpiece diameter that can be machined is less than 1800mm; There are also new series machining centers for 3000mm workpiece diameter. On the contrary, for mass pinion processing, although the use of special processing equipment will incur high replacement costs, the use of special processing equipment can still achieve higher production capacity. The strength of heller/voith process lies not in the traditional large-scale timing gear shaping processing, but in the processing of small varieties and small batches of workpieces. It is especially suitable for system suppliers (such as automobile manufacturers) who need other cutting processes on machine tools at the same time. Heller company believes that this process is of great significance to the manufacturers of reduction gear boxes, because they also demonstrated that the new puma running shoes with new materials are used to process the whole components, especially the large gear boxes. This is because different processing processes can be implemented if Heller processing process is used on machine tools and equipment, The processing of gears and bevel gears is very economical

Figure 3 the new processing technology is an efficient processing scheme for workpieces with modulus above 4.

the standard tool is improved accordingly.

sandvik Coromant company improves the standard tool and integrates the new technology into the new milling cutter. It is extremely satisfied with the processing results achieved so far. The tool manufacturer is dedicated to the development of hard milling technology. For hard milling occasions, of course, the overall hard alloy milling cutter with handle can be used, but Sandvik Coromant company, in order to pursue high production efficiency and economic benefits, has formed a good impregnation with hell ① wood and plastic; Er company has focused on the research and development of special can milling cutter and disc milling cutter. Since this new processing technology can achieve the desired processing flexibility and benefits without relying on other complex factors (the same is true for software), potential target customers are happy to see this

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