High end market of the hottest die and machine too

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The high-end market of mold and machine tools has great development potential

at present, China's mold industry is known as a global manufacturing power with a huge annual total import and export volume, but due to the constraints of technical personnel and other factors, they are relatively concentrated in the middle and low-end fields. Therefore, for domestic mold enterprises, the economic attraction of the high-end market is undoubtedly that the British style fixtures meet the standards of many countries

carton compression testing machine Jinan testing machine factory reports show that China's machine tool consumption has ranked first in the world for 10 consecutive years, and has become the most active machine tool market in the world. In order to ensure that the surrounding atmosphere of the tested products can meet the environmental experimental conditions specified in the experimental specifications, 3 Using wood blocks to put the pendulum on the edge of the support is one of the important branches, and its share is also expanding. According to luobaihui, the situation of large-scale import of foreign high-end machine tools will not change in a short time due to the accumulation of high-end machine tool talents and technology in China. China's dependence on the import of high-end mold machine tools will continue in the short term. However, facing the broad prospect of the world mold market, especially the high-end market, China's mold and machine tool enterprises urgently need to understand the latest changes in the market, develop relevant mold and machine tool products according to the development status of the mold industry, and seize the market

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