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In April this year, Ms. Zhou opened a plastic product store with insight. Unexpectedly, high priced plastic products still attracted customers

it will certainly be difficult to do business just by making it too complicated and revealing the characteristics of the product itself, because not everyone can afford such high priced plastic products. When Zhou was guarding the store, he found that most of the people who came to buy these products were women with families. Many of them bought a cup or a set of bowls and cans and always hoped to get other small plastic medicine boxes as gifts, such as those six lattice plastic medicine boxes displayed on the counter. Their prices ranged from a few yuan to more than a dozen yuan

therefore, a plan to seize the hearts of customers was formed in Zhou's mind. In shanghankou and Guangzhou, Zhou found many manufacturers of fashionable gadgets, bought a batch of products and gave them to customers who bought plastic cups and cans. A fashionable gift was no more than 10 yuan. However, due to the limited supply of raw materials, many people came to the door for the second time because they had gifts. Zhou has registered the small gifts given by each customer to avoid giving them repeatedly for the second time. I believe you can get a return if you want to

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