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It is predicted that high-performance energy-saving glass will develop rapidly in the industry. The "13th five year plan" period is the decisive stage for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way, and it is also an important stage to accelerate the transformation from a large manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. The development of the glass industry not only has the profound impact brought about by the change of investment and consumption structure, but also has the urgent requirements put forward by the transformation of development mode. We must accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, accelerate the optimization of the industrial system, expand the development space, pay attention to improving quality and efficiency, and shift from high-speed growth to medium, high-speed and stable development

the simultaneous promotion of new industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and the implementation of major projects such as purchasing personnel and facilities construction, affordable housing projects and building energy efficiency improvement, rural housing transformation and beautiful rural construction, as well as high-end equipment for many enterprises in urban infrastructure, provide space for sustained medium and high-speed growth for the glass industry. Changes in demand structure and insufficient effective supply forced the glass industry to optimize and adjust the industrial system. With the accelerated development of emerging industries and increasingly diversified consumer demand, the glass industry is required to promote supply side structural reform, resolve excess capacity and increase effective supply. The development of green buildings and prefabricated buildings requires the development of green building materials and components. To comprehensively improve the basic industrial capacity, the glass industry is required to enhance the guarantee capacity of new energy and emerging industries such as photovoltaic industry and electronic information industry as soon as possible. Accelerating the development of emerging manufacturing requires the glass industry to adapt to the emerging new technologies, new formats and new models, deepen the integration of information technology and the glass industry, and optimize the industrial structure

the promotion of ecological civilization construction forces the glass industry to change its development mode and change its development momentum. Promote green development and improve the comprehensive utilization of resources ◆ the benefits of natvar brand high-precision silica gel extruded medical catheter have been realized to fully meet the emission standards of industrial pollution sources. Instead, the glass industry has been forced to accelerate the implementation of technological transformation, improve the industry's energy conservation and emission reduction, comprehensive utilization of resources and low-carbon development level, and pay more attention to the overall improvement of quality, efficiency and total factor productivity

promoting international production capacity cooperation has put forward new requirements for the glass industry to improve the level of foreign capital utilization and foreign investment. The accelerated adjustment of the global industrial structure, the implementation of the "the Belt and Road" and the international production capacity cooperation strategy have provided a broader market space for China's glass industry to promote two-way opening up, promote the orderly flow of domestic and foreign factors, efficient allocation of resources and in-depth integration of the market, but also require the glass industry to accelerate the cultivation of new competitive advantages

(II) demand forecast

with the upgrading of economic development mode and demand structure, the demand for traditional glass products will remain basically stable or slightly declining, and the demand for energy-saving glass and special glass will continue to grow. It is expected that during the "13th five year plan" period, glass processing products will grow steadily, especially high-performance energy-saving glass will develop rapidly. In 2020, such fierce competition in glass industry will be transmitted to the international market, and the processing rate is expected to reach 60%

guiding ideology, development objectives and tasks

(I) guiding ideology

fully implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the third, fourth, fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, firmly establish the concept of innovation, coordination, green, open and shared development, focus on quality and efficiency, take supply side structural reform as the main line, and take innovation driven development as the driving force, strive to reduce excess capacity, transform and improve product structure, Vigorously develop green energy-saving glass and glass components, expand the advanced new glass industry and glass producer services, optimize the allocation of factors, build a glass innovation and development system, build green factories, expand new space for development, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, reduce "capacity" by subtraction, and add "weaknesses", and take increasing emerging industries and new demand as the main task of structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading; Accelerate the development of green glass production and use, expand the extended service industry, "going global" international operation, transform traditional industries to high-end development, and promote modernization, intelligence and greening as an important support for increasing new economic growth points

(II) development objectives

"the 13th five year plan" is a key period for the transformation and upgrading of the glass industry, striving to achieve a fundamental change in the development mode. The development mode has changed from "speedometer model" to "resource and environment friendly"; The driving force of development has changed from "market demand pull" to "scientific and technological innovation drive"; The development mode has changed from "single industrial manufacturing" to "simultaneous development of manufacturing and production services"; The market layout of development has changed from "domestic oriented" to "global resource allocation type with domestic and international synchronous development". Through five years' development, the industry has made a turning breakthrough and improvement in development mode, resource allocation mode, development layout with experimental machines, industrial organization structure, technical equipment level, etc. The specific development goals are:

1. Economic goal

by 2020, the industrial economic scale will reach 367billion yuan, an increase of 30% over 2015, and there will be 3-5 Enterprises above 15billion level; The labor productivity has been greatly improved, and the comparable unit production cost has been reduced by 12%; Compared with the 12th Five Year Plan, the economic benefits have been significantly improved

2. Structural adjustment objective

product quality and industrial structure have been significantly improved. The proportion of high-quality float glass is more than 50%, and the deep processing rate of glass is more than 60%, meeting the needs of various high-quality glasses in emerging industries, energy-saving buildings, new environmental protection, new automobile industry and other fields; The localization rate of core equipment that has reached the international advanced level has reached more than 80%; Emerging industries and producer services accounted for 15% and 10% respectively. The utilization rate of Low-E energy-saving glass in new buildings is further increased; The production concentration of the top 10 float glass enterprises reached 70%; Three to five internationally renowned enterprises have been formed, and their international competitiveness has been significantly improved

3. Technological development objectives

focus on equipment upgrading, quality improvement, energy conservation and emission reduction, safe production and the integration of industrialization and industrialization, and achieve a number of industrial integration technology achievements that support enterprises' development to the high end of the value chain. A number of core technologies have been formed in terms of process technology, core equipment and high-end products

promote the establishment of enterprise technology centers, industrial parks and industrial clusters, making them an effective carrier to support industrial innovation and R & D and extend the industrial chain. Strengthen the construction of "technological innovation alliance" integrating production, learning, research and application, and solve common and key technical problems in the industry with collaborative innovation mode. The industry R & D investment reaches more than 2% of the sales revenue

4. Energy conservation and emission reduction target

the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources has been further enhanced. 100% of the enterprises have implemented the integrated treatment of waste heat power generation, desulfurization and dust removal, and denitration. All enterprises have reached the energy consumption quota. The energy consumption per unit product has been reduced by 5% ~ 10% compared with 2015. The energy consumption per unit industrial added value has been reduced by 10% ~ 15% compared with 2015. The emissions of carbon dioxide and various pollutants have been reduced by 30% on the basis of the 12th Five Year Plan

5. Internationalization goal

the second generation float glass technology and equipment has entered the international high-end market, 2-3 enterprises have achieved global layout, the foreign operating revenue has reached more than 10% of the total revenue, and the foreign flat glass production capacity has reached more than 50million weight boxes

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