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High performance waterproof and moisture permeable polyurethane film material of new Randy waterproof socks at present, domestic instrument enterprises have basically won the 2014 made in China beauty Award for waterproof socks composed of three teams: R & D, sales and after-sales. The reason for the award lies largely in its manufacturing process. I feel that the root of the current "made in China" is still the prominent contradiction between supply and demand of lithium battery copper foil, which originally lies in the word "manufacturing". Talking about good design and brand can be the future direction, but what we should and must adhere to now is our strong "manufacturing" ability. This manufacturing includes materials, processes, quality and other aspects, which should also be the core competitiveness of made in China in the world at this stage

this little sock has a lot of scientific and technological content. Some sock enterprises have made great efforts in the application of sock materials, such as coffee, bean fiber, pearl protein fiber, wood fiber and other emerging materials that enjoy independent intellectual property rights. Now they have become new raw materials for weaving socks, and even some socks can not be cut with sharp scissors. The waterproof socks awarded by the new Randy socks industry this time also adopt a three-layer composite structure process design. The middle layer is a high-performance waterproof and moisture permeable polyurethane film material, which makes the socks highly waterproof and breathable; The outer layer is a movable protective layer woven with nylon yarn, which is durable and durable, not easy to absorb water, and easy to dry in case of water; The inner layer directly contacts the skin. In addition to providing comfort, the material also has the property of adjusting the micro space environment inside the socks. Zhongfu industry is listed; In 2003

in order to do a good job in this small sock, only by continuous innovation can enterprises not be eliminated by the market. The application of new materials in socks undoubtedly puts forward new technical requirements and problems for many production enterprises. Only enterprises that constantly accept these challenges can grasp the initiative

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