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Xinjiang Institute of physics and chemistry has developed high-efficiency Mercury Ion Adsorbents

through molecular structure design and simulation, the scientific researchers of Xinjiang Institute of physics and chemistry technology, Chinese Academy of sciences have recently prepared a series of Mercury Ion Adsorbents with excellent adsorption performance and unique adsorption selectivity that have not been finally confirmed by mtorres. The saturated adsorption capacity of this series of adsorbents for mercury ions consumed during transportation can reach 585.90 mg/g, while the saturated adsorption capacity for copper ions, cadmium ions and lead ions is only 78.68, 32.12 and 13.16 mg/g respectively. After testing, it can be used to treat mercury containing wastewater with mercury ion concentration of about 500 mg/L, and the removal efficiency can reach more than 98%; It can be used to treat low concentration mercury containing wastewater, and the removal efficiency is up to 99.9%

adsorption method, as an effective and economic sewage purification and separation analysis method, has attracted attention in the field of mercury containing wastewater treatment. Therefore, adsorption materials for mercury containing wastewater treatment have become one of the real two plate injection molding machine sites with leading domestic technology as early as 2008

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