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Simulators: high precision and low power consumption are taken into account

simulators have the characteristics of wide application, wide variety and long product market life cycle. Power management devices play an important role in analog products; With the wide application of portable electronic products, the requirement of low power consumption for analog devices is becoming more and more urgent

power management devices pursue high efficiency

with the continuous improvement of SOC (system level chip) integration, many products are not called experimental machines. Power management functions are integrated inside the processor. This year, ADI launched a digital power supply product -- adp1043 digital PWM (pulse professional production and supply of various experimental machine jaw width modulation) power management device. Compared with the current digital power supply products, it has achieved two breakthroughs: first, it uses SOC control chip to replace the traditional method of using DSP (Digital signal processor)/mcu (microcontroller) for digital control; Second, it adopts GUI (graphical user interface) mode. Engineers can configure system power parameters in a few minutes. Even power engineers with less programming experience can use GUI to monitor and quickly adjust power functions

in addition, semiconductor lighting is also an important field for power management devices. Improving the conversion efficiency of LED (light emitting diode) drive circuit is a problem that product designers must face. In the field of lighting, it is particularly important to improve the conversion efficiency because of the use of high-power LED. For HB (high brightness) LEDs for industrial, architectural and automotive lighting applications, the lt3755/-1 and lt3756/-1 driver circuits provided by linglilte are of great concern. They have built-in high-voltage side current detection circuit, so they can be used in step-up, step-down, step-down boost or SEPIC and flyback topologies. In boost mode, the lt3755/-1 and lt3756/-1 can provide an efficiency of more than 94%, thus eliminating the need for any additional external heat sink

both high precision and low power consumption

with the increasingly extensive application of portable electronic products, in addition to continuing to pursue high speed and high precision, consumers also put forward more stringent requirements for the power consumption and volume of products

data converter is a bridge connecting the digital world and the real world, and its requirements for speed, accuracy and power consumption are particularly obvious. In October this year, Texas Instruments launched the ads61xx series analog-to-digital converter with a sampling rate of 250msps, realizing the perfect combination of high signal bandwidth, high dynamic performance and low power consumption. Ads6149 in this series supports the 14 bit tightening of motor fixing screws. It is the product with the highest resolution in the 250mspsadc that has been put into production. When the maximum sampling rate is 250msps, the power consumption of ads6149 is only 687mw; When the sampling rate is 150msps, the power consumption of the device can be as low as 490mw

audio amplifier is also an important simulator. In traditional transistor amplifier, the output stage contains transistors that provide instantaneous continuous output current. Compared with the design of various new data display amplifiers using pulse digital circuits, even the most effective linear output, their output stage power consumption is also large. This difference makes class D amplifiers have significant advantages in many applications because of low power consumption, less heat generation, saving PCB (printed circuit board) area, and extending the battery life of portable systems. In recent years, class D amplifier has gradually occupied the mainstream position in the fields of portable products, home appliances and automotive electronics

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