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When carrying out decoration, the owners must be most afraid of disputes, and often some bad decoration parties will make the owners add decoration funds, and the problem of adding items continues to appear, thus exceeding the family advance, but this situation can not be predicted and controlled in advance. So what about the decoration budget overrun? Don't worry, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network comes to talk with you now

scan the QR code, pay attention to the official Weibo of sina of Wuhan home decoration website, and enjoy the decoration cash deduction of 3000 yuan by private letters. First, make a detailed budget, including construction, various main materials, brands, prices, etc., so as to know well. Of course, we should also act according to our ability, strictly follow the budget standards, and consider practical factors in material selection to avoid blind selection

second, remove unnecessary items

once it exceeds the budget, it is necessary to adopt the method of saving and compressing funds. At this time, you can continue to use the previous old furniture and household appliances, and then replace them with new ones after the funds are abundant. First, add the daily basic items, and then gradually buy the decorative ones

III. prohibit oral agreement

anyway, it is recommended that everyone should prohibit reaching an agreement in the form of oral agreement, because oral agreement is very easy to cause errors due to cognition or communication, resulting in some unnecessary disputes during the final payment

IV. reduce the decoration standard

if you find that the family budget is overspent, in order to save money, you can reduce the decoration standard. If you chose high priced materials before, you can lower the standard a little and choose other priced materials again at this time, but it doesn't mean that inferior materials can be replaced by good ones. For example, some high-end decoration brands can choose to switch to medium and low-grade brands at this time

v. make it by yourself

of course, some soft decoration or trinkets can also be made by yourself with decoration materials. It is also a good idea to make practical and simple decoration items by referring to the tutorials and your own ideas, and at the same time, you can save costs

comments: of course, the most important thing is that in order to avoid the occurrence of additional items, omissions, budget overruns and other problems, we should make a decoration quotation plan before planning the decoration, and review and clarify the projects to be constructed one by one. (recommended reading: how to do the house decoration budget)

that's all for the above introduction. If you want to know more, or owners with decoration plans may wish to find their favorite decoration company through the Wuhan home decoration network decoration bidding. The method is very simple. Directly leave your community house type + area + decoration requirements + name at the bottom of the article, and you can get a detailed quotation for free, Customer service will also arrange a number of decoration companies suitable for you to measure rooms, formulate plans and quotations for free. Of course, you can also directly through: addition, according to the editor, the home decoration industry in 2017 will increase both labor and material costs. The end of the year is at the peak of house collection. Owners who consult and decorate should pay attention to it. Use this year's price to set next year's decoration with this year's price. What are you hesitating about? Hurry up




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