How to match the doors and windows of roganilan ho

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All available space of home decoration is where we can decorate. Don't think your home is too plain. That's because you don't have a delicate heart. Roganilan brings you several bedroom (bedroom decoration effect drawing) door and window matching tips to teach you how to make good use of the small items in the bedroom and add a little fun to life

this sliding window decorates the permeability between the dining room and the garden. The small and medium-sized garden in home life brings a kind of irreplaceable memory and warmth

tips2: matching European style doors and windows in the living room

European style doors and windows are matched with idyllic sofas, and the chairs make people linger

tips3: window design

if conditions permit, you can directly match the bed with the small window in the bedroom, introduce lighting, make the bedside space more chic design, and the windowsill can also be used as a small storage space





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