Europa cabinet Yelena evokes your natural feelings

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Graceful coconut shadow, bright sunshine, Silver Ridge, European style cabinet Yelena has taken all the charming factors and conditions of the Mediterranean, with longing colors, arousing the deep-seated rural feelings longing for nature

graceful coconut shadow, bright sunshine, silver roof, European style cabinet Yelena takes all the charming factors and conditions of the Mediterranean Sea, with longing colors, arousing the deep-seated rural feelings of longing for nature. She is the favorite cabinet of consumers, and their taste determines Yelena's status

[parameter description]:

Name: Yelena

style: European style

shape: A-line

table top: European quartz White Magnolia

door panel: Canadian white oak

[functional partition]: the floor cabinet, hanging cabinet, drawer, basket corner position and other areas are reasonably divided and rearranged, so that all kinds of items are in order, and the space utilization rate is as high as 95%

[product advantages]: exquisite decoration, smooth lines, with Flower Shadow glass doors, evoke the deep-seated rural feelings yearning for nature. Coupled with open cabinets and decorative cabinets, it shows the theme of leisurely rural style at this time

[white oak primary color base material]: Canadian white oak primary color base material, with fine texture and strong copying effect. Strong three-dimensional effect of shape and appearance. At the same time, the dark old line processing technology is used to emphasize the modeling level of the door panel. The structure is stable without deformation

[Magnolia quartz table top]: the Magnolia quartz table top matched with the tone of the door panel has higher hardness, rigidity and weight than natural stone and ordinary artificial stone. It has strong wear resistance, water and pollution resistance, health and environmental protection, and is durable

[design of washing area]: the washing area is used to wash food, tableware, etc. the designer suggests that it be combined with washing supplies basket, garbage can and rice box to make the whole washing process more compact, easier and faster

[console design]: flexible operation space, integrated comprehensive and system design, covering high-end stoves and cookers, easy to enjoy the fun of cooking

[unique under stage basin process]: the cabinet where the star basin is placed is easy to be wetted by liquid. If the under stage basin is used for installation, it can effectively prevent leakage, so as to keep the joint between the sink and the table dry

European style kitchen cabinets bring people endless surprises. Just like Yelena's cabinets, they seem to be pregnant with a colorful world and exude a strong artistic flavor. Look carefully, like a wandering woman, elegant with nostalgic thoughts





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